Friday, April 15, 2011

My-Mouth's-Watering-So-Bad-I-Can-Hardly-Take-The-Picture Kale Attack 'Popcorn'

You have got to understand how crazy good kale is.

And how it is the key to freedom from cravings for packaged snacks.

Take & tear or chop into popcorn-size shape the brightest, freshest most vibrant kale you can find and rub a little avocado and/ olive oil on it. Here, I've then added chopped red pepper and dried jackfruit,'s sunnies, a few drops of Vital Heat (Habanero & Turmeric), nutritional yeast & sea salt plus miso paste.

This creates texture and richness I used to like in popcorn soaked in butter without the regret tomorrow.

It's a great occasional late night snack.

I've wrapped some of it in Nori and romaine but mostly just pick at it with my fingers like popcorn.

Hey, it's my Friday.

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