Saturday, April 16, 2011

I-Haven't-Shown-You-BabyFood-Pictures-Lately Green Soup

I think to make the lifestyle change, to make this work, you really do need to use what you have onhand in the fridge.
You really do need to, I think, ask yourself, "What's going to be easiest to digest and the most full of greens and life force right now for my next meal?"
Because at first you will be all over the place having many combinations with nuts, seeds, fats and sweets.
But there will come the time when you are really ready to step away from all that and get very simple.
It's the time when your body can then tackle all it has harbored. It will begin to rest but also hit the subtle stuff. And you will wonder if anything is happening at all.
But it is. Just watch!
This is kale and romaine blended with a bit of water olive oil a chunk of lemon and some goraw sunnies.
Dash some habanero if you like.
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