Saturday, April 16, 2011

There's Nothing Quite Like An Evening '3 Immortals' Latte

... warmed not cooked. Here I use what I had onhand deliciously: blended's sunflower seeds (sprouted, then dehydrated). I strained that then the fun began.
2 wooden scoops 3 Immortals Tea
1 Tblspn MacaForce
11 drops Vanilla-Creme Stevia
A spoon of raw creamy honey
A few end-of-bottle drops of flax oil.
The sunnies have a bit of sea salt which I like a lot for that Reesie's feel.
As you might guess I was up for the sweet tonight, not always so sweet.
My affiliate link on the right will lead you to the Raw Food World Store for the 3 Immortals Tea and most of the other ingredients I used.
I blend it all cold & concentrated first (after straining my initial seed cream), then simply add boiling water slowly to bring my frothy latte up to heat w/out cooking.
Incidentally, 3 Immortals is comprised of Reishi, Shilajit and Ormus--thought to increase one's spiritual faculties and powers of longevity.
Frothy goodness to the very last drop.
Use any seed or nut for cream.
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