Saturday, April 30, 2011

Banana Ice Cream With Maca Fudgie Sprinkle-Candies

Frozen bananas simply blended to cream w/ a bit of optional stevia vanilla drops. You'll never miss the dairy! (Especially not the after-affects. Okay, I'll join in the trend to call it cow pus. Radical, huh?)

Make your raw cacao and maca candies ahead of time and have them waiting in glass jars in freezer for a night like this!

No cow pus ice cream. I know it's more graphic than the delicate rawprincess mostly cares to be, but it really helped me see the realities of dairy (pus is allowable in alarming "parts per million" by FDA) so there you have it! Is it a judgment? No. A discernment. Yuck.

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