Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cindy Signature Salad (and Dressing)

If this helps someone new to create an easy routine for munchable veggie salads I'm thrilled!

You want creamy, you want fat, you want salty (without the chemical sodium chloride) you want some tang and spice?

Find that and more (read: health & weight managing benefits) in a few key principles which you will learn are interchangeable and rotate-able.

Today I grated cabbages and carrots; small-diced avocado and cucumber; thinly sliced some red bell pepper, then (optional) minced garlic. (Think kaleidescope.)

Begin by drizzling cold-pressed oils (I used flax & olive). Getcher "creamy" on w/ nutritional yeast flakes (bulk sections of large grocery stores). Spoon out a bit of almond butter as well as a nice dollop of aged-raw unpasteurized miso paste. You will be using a fork to mash the miso and almond butter together then tossing it all ...

Remember the tang & the bite!

Apple cider vinegar (again raw, unpasteurized w/ "the mother") pinch of cayenne to taste / sea salt.


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