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Find Me at Best of Raw 2010 / Resolve to Evolve Weight Loss / My Pick of Sexiest Male Raw Vegan

I just had alot of fun putting this post together have a wonderful weekend. Thanks to all my readers, you make me smile.

 About Best of Raw Awards ~ (began by Laura Fox and Giselle Tarres)

"The Annual Best of Raw Awards are in honor of those people who are assisting the people of our planet to add more raw, organic plant foods to our diets. Educators, Chefs, Authors, Celebrities, Athletes, Musicians, Manufacturers, Websites, Products, etecera are all being honored and celebrated for the magnanimous work they are doing! The creation of this event takes enormous time and energy! Please share your enthusiasm and support by making a contribution today!"

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Vote For Rawprincess Studio and Me ;)

I began my raw foods journey at age 15 in southern California after my boyfriend who was a bodybuilder gave me Arnold Ehret's books on Rational Fasting and the Mucusless Diet Healing System. I then lived on an organic farm raw foods community for several years at the age of 17, then a gourmet vegetarian hot springs resort for several more years as I trained in Dr Stone's energy-based bodywork, diet, yoga and counseling--Polarity Therapy.
left to right: Kim, Kristen and Cynthia Cummins 1973
Sea (cindy) and Perr at Venice Boardwalk, Los Angeles the raw foods band.
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Currently I've been mostly 100% raw vegan for 2 years and high raw/whole organic foods with many fasting and colon cleansing intervals for decades. I am 50 years young. I began Rawprincess Studio to stay focused and accountable to my health and inspire others. Please vote for me at in three categories: sexiest raw vegan woman, funniest raw vegan woman and best raw blog. Your vote further inspires me to self-improvement and blog improvement! So thanks!! ;) xo Two gifts for you today are my carrot cake recipe below and the crystal admonishment--we gotta wear 'em now, not later--below linking to Little Grandmother's site. Blessings.

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Summer 2010 Cindy Cummins, 90-100% raw foods vegan at lagoon in Carlsbad, CA

Most Popular Rawprincess Studio blog recipe here ...

To vote for Rawprincess Studio best raw blog here
Raw Carrot Cake w/HempSuperFoodCreamCheeze Filling & Coconut Cream Frosting

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To vote for Rawprincess Studio in Best of Raw go here
Original Rawprincess Studio logo me with my youngest two children Zeke and Sophia, New York 2008.
As low key as I think I am, I did make it to the finals. Please, if you feel sincere go here to vote for me.

  I was nominated as sexiest raw vegan woman and funniest raw vegan woman. Plus this blog made it to the raw vegan blogs column. I feel so good to be part of this movement. There is so much generosity and helping hands everywhere reaching out to support people to regain their health and offload addictive food habits. As a holistic practitioner I share these concepts and recipes daily over and over again but I come here for FUN and to inspire those new and those seasoned. We all build the world's momentum for health!

You need support so head for the Mansion!
Penni Shelton, Director of Raw Food Rehab, and I at the Raw Union wedding and sacred festival summer 2009. Resolve to Evolve--time for YOU--has just started but you can still get in!

Please vote for Penni's Raw Food Rehab in best of raw's community listing.

David Wolfe is my choice for sexiest raw vegan male! A man with longterm dietary purity, spiritual practice and self-mastery. Just look at this photo, how hot is that!
Runner up (to borrow the Gianni's great terms) would be ... Matt Monarch what an awesome husband he is, so attentive and loving to Angela Stokes-Monarch! Wow! He also reminds us to attune to the solar energy and let our chakras resonate through light foods and colon cleansing.

More about Best of Raw ...
At Best of Raw, we are helping our planet shift to a more raw plant based diet is an extremely important endeavor, one of the most important endeavors of our time. While many are going all raw vegan, which is totally rawsome, many people are taking a more gradual approach and simply adding more raw plant foods to their diet. This is a great step forward for our planet!Add more raw plant foods! This is our motto for the mainstream of people who are seeking greater health and coming to an awareness of our ecological crises. Little by little as people begin to feel better and see the difference in their own lives
The health of individuals and the  health of our planetary ecosystems depends on us adopting a plant based diet for many, many reasons. The vast resources it takes to raise and consume animal products are exacting an unrelenting toll on the ecosystems of our planet and the health of our people. (Look forward to more documentation of research on these facts coming soon to Best of Raw and the Raw Plant Nutrition Alliance.)

Key To Getting Your Butt In Gear: Wear the Crystals NOW! ;)

Little Grandmothers Urgent Advice on QUARTZ Crystals
Mother Earth is awakening.. much is being done in the coming days and we must unite each other in love and to Gaia Beloved Mother.. this is important dear family and I will write extensively on this very soon. But please gather yourselves a piece of quartz crystal and wear it around your neck. It is time to reconnect ourselves to Mother..

A small piece of quartz crystal on a simple leather twine or another natural necklace.. it doesn't have to be big, it can be small.. place it around your neck, place them on your children, on your loved ones. The energy of Mother is being reclaimed by the loving human being and her crystals, her heart and her link to our own energy is being renewed... this is more important than i can express here.. but do this my family.. and wear it day and night.. There will be more explained at a later date.. but it is time for us to do this now not later. Gather together yourselves and wear once again the crystals that unite us with the Mother Energy of our planet.

Before you place them around your neck hold the crystal in your hands and pray with all of your heart.. all of your goodness all of your Great I AM to connect us the human race in love to the crystals of Mother Earth and Her love, her intentions and Her Conciousness! In love, wear a bit of sacred mother around your neck.. so that as the crystals are awakened on planet earth this energy will link to you... and we become united as we once were during the days of Atlantis when Mother Earth and Her children were ONE!

Please spread this info to those you love. Let every member of the Tribe of Many Colors here my words and connect to one another and Mother with a small piece of quartz.

A clear quartz crystal.. just clear quartz... and yes please share this info.. the children of men will once again remember who they are and stand... to defend their mother and themselves through love. We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For and the time is upon us to unite with Mother Gaia again. Let our hearts beat as one.. Clear quartz is what is needed!!l
Kiesha Crowther - Little Grandmother - December 9, 2010

Me with Angela Stokes-Monarch at her wedding festie summer 2009. Absolute must to vote for her TV show the Raw Food World TV show! I watch it every day I'm so addicted! ;) Her music is great also.

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Me and son in Hollywood Hills, summer of 2010.
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