Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Junk-Food Slip-Up? Make Your Next Bite Raw! ;)

Even if you got off-track earlier today when friends or co-workers caught you during a weak moment and you put some sugar or junk down the pie-hole, you can STILL salvage the day and make your NEXT BITE real and raw.

Put that slip-up behind you with this raw goji-cacao torte topped with frozen organic blueberries!

In my teenage years , if I got off-track with my food, I'd hate myself and fast for days. This merely worsened my cravings and issues. I've learned to quickly plan and carry out a favorite raw foods meal after a mishapped mouthful and ignore the inner critic who insists I'll just gain weight.

Nope, best to adjust those taste buds and REMEMBER clearly how fresh and delicious my favorite salad or cacao dishes are.

This seems to calm me down and gear me up for the possible digestive repercussions ahead from my error.

It also stops a potential cycle of yo-yo dieting or a binge-purge trap.

Don't forget the peppermint tea! 

(P.S. You can wait several hours after a food blunder to settle your tummy, of course, just make your next bite raw and yummy bliss! ;))

Cacao Torte Topped w/Organic Frozen Blueberries

1/4c coconut oil, gently melted in double boiler
3 rounded T. raw cacao powder
2 T goji berry extract powder (Natural Zing)
1 mill freshly ground sunflower seeds
1/2 mill freshly ground sesame seeds
1-2 T freshly ground flax seeds
pinches of sea salt
dash of cinnamon
dark chocolate extract (at cost thru Dec) use code HONEYMOON for extra 7% off at chkout Vanilla creme stevia drops
coconut sap
raw honey

Whisk cacao powder into the gently melted coconut oil (low heat).
In a bowl, mix ground seeds with remaining dry ingredients.

Stir and whisk the melted cacao mixture into the dry mixture. Add your honeys, sap and extract drops to taste.

Mold into torte shapes or just place a nice scoop in bowl like I do ;).

Top with lots of frozen blueberries which will harden the torte nicely.

Serve with hot herbal tea. Soooo good you'll turn down the SAD treats next time!! ;)

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