Friday, November 5, 2010

NanoWrimo (National Novel Writing Month) day 4

It seems Laura Miller of has decided to not just be the b-word but the complete a-word. If we follow her advice why bother learning to cook, or sew, or play a musical instrument? Or why bother running a marathon what a waste of time? Why bother challenging yourself to any new skill, Laura? If we just read Laura's book all will be well in her world. Otherwise, we're self-centered, conceited, ego-maniacs.

Sending love to Laura Miller (and the LA Times) : I promise hereby hereforeto, to edit my  novel and not send it to you posthaste. I promise and solemnly do swear to read more books this year. Amen.

Today's NanoWrimo Write-in: this is me (left) happy self-involved writer and Kari (right) mother of two who decided there aren'tenough good children's books out there and she herself should write one.

I'm at a little over 7,000 words and I can assure thee Laura of, it ain't no crap!

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