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Awaken From Holidaze: Juice Feasting, Raw Emotions Meetup, Why You Need To "Stand Your Ground!" --Matt Monarch

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My Juice Feast Starts Here!

Four years ago yesterday Angela-Stokes Monarch began her 92-day juice feast--we are all so blessed for her leadership and courage--and it just turned out that I had worked myself into a juice feast and my new VERT (!! yes Vert!) juicer arrived yesterday (the 20th) as well. ;)

Raw Emotions Support Group in Minnesota!

I also just opened up a local meetup group for studying Raw Emotions (Angela's book by that name) in my home and already a dozen people have joined. Our first meeting is Dec 8. (BTW, she announced it on her blog, so cool ~!~ here)

I've been struggling for the past 30 days with yoyo eating and I know it has been fear-based. I'm ready to face some of the physical changes that began as my raw journey has been very consistent for over two years now (and high raw with all raw and significant juice fasts/colon cleanses for over 30 years).

When we peel back the layers there's sometimes surprises underneath the sludge (metaphorical and literal) as it releases. I won't go into detail here, don't mean to be dramatic or mysterious let's just say some obstructions have deep-seated emotional holding.

I hit one of those places during my last juicing and cleansing interval just about a month ago and ran the other direction.

A recent quote I came across struck me and helped me not take this information on rejuvenation for granted. At times it's been easy for me to think, "Well, I rejuvenated once, I can always hurt my body with these non-foods then go back to healing afterward."

But last night, reading my new copy of Matt Monarch's e-version of Raw Success ... He goes into detail about how the cells of our body begin shrinking with a raw foods diet, a clean diet. Because they have been stretched out with gasses from the way the body protects when we put essentially poisons into our systems.

He astutely outlines that as our body's cells protect us from processed foods of a standard American diet they enlarge and hold gases and liquid/fat. Having done bodywork as much as I have as a Polarity Therapist of Dr Randolph Stone's instruction, I totally tune in to how we assist our clients to release cellular gaseous toxins through bodywork. ...

But Matt went on to say, as our cells detoxify, they keep shrinking and toxic gasses are released and our cells tighten and become younger ...etc but then he used a rubber band analogy. A rubber band will stretch out and snap back but after a while loses its elasticity.

When I read those words (paraphrase) : A rubber band will stretch out and snap back but after a while loses its elasticity.

I realized in that moment that I will not continue doing that to my cells anymore. It's a great visual.

Stand Your Ground This Holiday Season

Something else Matt said struck me in a recent (two days ago?) Rawfoodworld tv show. He and his wife Angela were talking about the holidays. (I've embedded it at the bottom of the page for you.)

He looked right at the camera and said, "Stand your ground."

It was good to see how clearly and fiercely, yet lovingly he meant it.

He asked, "If all your friends were smoking cigarettes would you smoke too just to be around them?"

I'm embarking on a juice feast which I learned from the Juice Feasting Handbook by Angela that she herself did it through the major holidays Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day.

Mistakes Past Are Lovingly Released ...

I just can't do another year, won't do another year of plodding along, making raw feasts and overeating or nibbling and compulsively taking a piece or more of what the rest of the family is having, then gaining weight (etc.) and feeling kinda hopeless actually.

Doesn't have to be that way.

I can stand my ground in a quiet, humble way and as I become so completely resourced and calm (already feel it after two days of smoothies and juices and then Saturday all juice.) I'm able to be loving and centered and when I'm overeating or finding obsessions with food in my forethoughts, I'm not so able to do that.

I plan to work through Raw Emotions with some local people who will come to my house.

I am going to dig in and do the emotional work with the working tools of Raw Emotions as I Juice Feast. I also like the book "The Fasting Path" it has a lot of insights. The only thing that kind of pushed my buttons about it was author Stephen Buhner really downplays colon cleansing. He makes a great, a fantastic point that colon cleansing is not because we are "bad" and trying to purge ourselves of some self-dislike or to become "pure" like from a low self-esteem place.

But he really does act as though colon cleansing is not helpful and in our world condition presently I totally feel if you're going to go 100% raw or cleanse on juices you really do need to make sure not to autointoxicate.

Steeping in one's own toxins is not a pleasant thing.

But other than that pet peeve, I love his book.

Holiday Blissings From Rawprincess Studio

I hope this helps any lovely souls wandering through Rawprincess Studio who want to see their holidays and family time this year be a time of true north and compassionate kind-hearted standing our ground. We are truly part of creating a healthier trend on this planet at this time. We are each a part, starting here, with loving ourselves with living foods and wellness lifestyle. I think as this movement grows by leaps and bounds, and the entrepreneurial aspects of sharing and supporting one another grow as well, we give each other so much momentum for reaching goals and transforming to Love.

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