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Raw Carrot Cake w/HempSuperFoodCreamCheeze Filling & Coconut Cream Frosting

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Raw Carrot Cake With HempCreamCheeze Filling & Coconut Cream Frosting 
by Cici Cummins
(beegan: contains bee products)

Ingredients List:

Pitted dried prunes torn or cut in half
raw coconut flakes
baby carrots 
raw tahini
coconut oil
raw honey (I used “Really Raw Honey” out of Baltimore MD but any creamy white kind would work.)
goraw.com sprouted pumpkin seeds

royal jelly
pinch sea salt
vanilla cream stevia drops (I use Sweetleaf brand)
maca (optional added at very end of creaming to avoid bitterness.)
raw walnuts to press underneath and into top of cake before frosting.
Coconut Manna by nutiva for frosting

  • Place several handfuls prunes and about 1 c. coconut flakes in food processor and process until uniform smaller chunks.
  • Add 1 c. baby carrots and pulse until small chunky texture as well. Don’t over pulse.
Add stickier ingredients:

Heaping spoonful raw tahini
2 heaping spoonfuls coconut oil
2 heaping spoonfuls raw honey (creamy kind w/ pollen I used “Really Raw Honey” out of Baltimore MD but any creamy white kind would work.)
1 T beepollen
pinch sea salt

  • Process just enough to mix, not get pasty. 
  • Stir once or twice scraping edge then pulse briefly until ball of dough begins to form. 
  • Stop processing. It needs to be somewhat light and fluffy.
  • Press onto plate or oiled cake tin or cheesecake mold. Once you have a shape formed, you want to Crunch up some raw walnuts (I prefer to break my walnuts up by hand) and line a fresh cake plate with the raw walnuts then press the cake into walnuts using a spatula to lift it and keep its shape. Press the cake loaf into the walnuts on the bottom and the top of cake. 
  • Place on final serving cake plate.
  • Repress any misshapen sides and use a knife to smooth the edges all around for desired shape and neatness of presentation. 
  • Refrigerate.
Hemp Cream Cheeze Filling:
  • Mill goraw.com sprouted pumpkin seeds until almost butter.
  • Place in bowl.
1T sesame tahini
3T hempseeds
2T coconut oil
2T honey
1/2 T royal jelly
pinch sea salt
5 drops vanilla cream stevia drops (I use Sweetleaf brand)
1T maca (optional added at very end of creaming to avoid bitterness.)

  • Stir then cream well in the vita mix using plunger and stirring. Do not overheat but do cream well.
  • Spread on top of cake: chill

  • Top with coconut cream frosting: Place in VitaMix and plunge: Coconut Manna by nutiva with Raw Honey pinch of sea salt drops of vanilla stevia. Make this extra rich and sweet and abundant.
  • Sprinkle raw coconut shavings or shreds on top of cake. 
  • Garnish with edible flowers.

  • Posted by PicasaMy new friend from the Twin Cities Raw Meet-up, Tatiana, insisted I write this recipe out for her. She is a professional confectionist and was quite impressed with this fine cake. ;)
    Attend a raw foods meetup in the Twin Cities area. More information is over here.
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    Posted by PicasaMary has raw chef training from Living Light in CA (shown above left)

Folks enjoying after dinner hanging out, kids welcome! ;)
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