Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Game Plan ... (crossposted to

I plan to go 100% raw this initiative--including I'm tapering off of the black coffee for the initiative. I plan to upgrade my juicer and get a dehydrator during this initiative. I will do juicing depending how it affects my running and training.

I will get to 120 and maintain that weight for a sustained period until it sticks. (With regular consistent workouts and strength training).

I'm getting in gear with training for a 10 mile race Oct 30 and a half marathon Dec 5.

(I ran my first 5K in style last year I never thought I could run at all).

Running upon awakening seems the best way to have it happen. If I don't run when I wake up to make sure to swing by the gym for the treadmill after work instead of going directly home. There's a runner's club here on Monday nights and Sat mornings I need to get out of my comfort zone and just show up there.

I will keep my journal daily. I already printed up 30 of Penni's Master copies of blank journal entry and have my own notebook and have done the first one.

At the end of the last initiative I released large gallstones and one was even lodged in the duct for a bit but good thing I'm very experienced and I got it through. I released 5 lbs (which I gained back in the break between initiatives.) This initiative when I reach my goal weight I will create or find a therapeutic way to heal from some mysterious sabotage or fears of being my ideal weight. I felt great at 123 and two summers ago I felt great at 121. It is possible, as I learned by listening recently to Laura Fox's Raw Foods Product Industry radio interview of a naturopathic doc, that circulating non-fatsoluble chemicals in my fat but which are not able to be released cause me to feel poorly and put the weight back on. The environmental toxins which end up in our fat need to be able to be transported out since they are not water soluble. He said green tea is really good for that or certain special types of fat. And black radish for healing the ileocecal valve. (Louise Gittleman and Walter Crinnion)

I bought some bentonite clay which is good for that too.

I do mostly juice and smoothies with bee pollen and chlorella tablet snacks. I use herb tea and coconut kefir. If I get hungry for solids a salad with crackers and avo or a fruit salad with walnuts and raisins.
Try to eat by 6pm and get to bed by 10pm. Drink a qt or acv water, do my dry brush, hot cold showers, yoga, go to the gym often almost daily over the winter and do sauna too. Visit Ecopolitan's far infrared sauna, get colonics every week and try their oxygen bar!!

Honoring Creativity:
I plan to visit open mikes around the Twin Cities and then actually go express myself at them after that.
Make a few more Youtubes of me singing and also playing the marimba.

So, 100% raw, working out, two races, new equipment and a juice program plus open mike.

Hey, I turn 50 this initiative so it's all a big exciting time in my life. And I'm looking at incorporating very rejuvenative things and also incorporating projects and goals that I've put off and want to be doing during the rest of my life. No putting things off anymore! Among them is to improve my countenance and sense of joy moment to moment. Also to clear more clutter and make space for solitude, writing, healing arts and family quality time. ;)

This will be the Initiative I will get back into sitting meditation as well.
(I better copy this onto my blog so I don't forget! ;))

I will also write the draft of a book I'm toying with either during or just at the end of this initiative. I have several book plans.
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