Friday, September 24, 2010

Recent Before-and-After Pics From 11-Week RawFoodRehab Initiative

I released 5 lbs during the 11-Week's Initiative. I was a member of "The Vault" a higher level commitment of the overall community's activities. My goal was to take off a nagging 5 lbs and keep it off. It was a real struggle up to the end.

Turns out it was pain that motivated me. I'll tell the gallbladder story elsewhere. For now, let's be clear that I was able to actually release a great quantity of gallstones at home and I feel wonderful. It wasn't easy and it takes knowledge, information and diligence to take care of yourself. But, for those who say how scary and crazy it is to flush one's insides, I say it's crazy and scary to go under the surgeon's knife. Sending love and hope. I did it! ;) xo

After: below September 23, 2010

Before: July 10, 2010 (below)

I'll take this opportunity to recommend two books. One is for the Raw Food Cleanse by Penni Shelton, the second is the most comprehensive and scientific I've come across for gallbladder flush beginners by Andreas Moritz. I may receive a commission if you buy through clicking these links. Thanks! ;)
Before: below July 10, 2010

After: September 23, 2010 (below)

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