Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rawprincess Reviews Renaissance Festival 2010 Minnesota

Why does this man have a carrot in his mouth? My grandpa Frank was a carrot farmer but he was also a devout man and probably wouldn't want to be part of a Renaissance Faire blogpost. ;) Then again, he might. Looking down from heaven he could say, "Get that carrot!" You see, the Mighty Hindenburgs juggled a large knife (scroll down to view photo) and chopped the poor carrot in half: Twice!

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What does poor rawprincess do when she's not blogging her green goop recipes? Why, she goes shopping of course! Mr M obliges both her sweet tooth and her spa tooth (is that a category?) this year at the 2010 Minnesota Renaissance Faire. The Estuary Shop has all organic suppliers though she hasn't yet been certified as an organic distributor. Jessica Slavee gave me the inside scoop on her luscious "Carmel Pecan Candied" Organic Soy and Beeswax candle today. (shown) We also walked off with three bars of scintillating soaps in Cucumber Mint, Fresh Squeezed (all the citrus your heart could desire)and a purple Lavender one Mr Markgraf couldn't resist. I'll have to keep you apprised of the Eucalyptus Mud Mask and Hawaiian Rain Body Silk Massage Oil. Being sure, of course, to wear my new tee shirt "good, clean fun: wet, dirty wenches" Tres poetic! I mean only from the RenaiTrek Crowd, heh?

Candied Caramel Pecan Organic Soy and Beeswax Candle by The Estuary Shop (above) and other fantastic olfactory-pleasing indulgences ... I even received a complimentary Patchouli bath salt.
These enthusiastic daredevils who bounced "manly pink bouncy balls" and played Jenga while tossing large knives in the air aimed at the carrot in Mr Hindenburg's mouth, captivated their audience who chanted obediently. And they even experimented never before attempted feats, right there in front of all of us where they might have failed miserably. Ahh, but they did so in style ..

If there's one thing I know. It's to smile while seated next to a captivating Faun with real hoofen toes. This darling faun did not speak but neatly curled her tail. ;)

Please, dear reader, be careful. Do not enter the King's Dungeon if you've been naughty, for unspeakable punishments would await thee.

I thought there would be an ecological activist twist to this Minnesotan green club. Alas, no. Merely anecdotal evidence that Iowans are special.
Here please view the knife in the air (left above) which aptly slices zee carrot in zee mouth.
Random crowd shots. Um, I'll have a corset and a cape, please, with three slices of gargoyle, two kilts, a tiara--and don't forget the superman we saw.
Like I said you really gotta try and be good while visiting the King's Dungeon. Very good.
You will see him one day with his own show, the new Seinfeld or something.
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Okay, so the moment you've all been waiting for. The chocolate scene needed my help desperately. (My phone number is unlisted but if you really try you might be able to enlist me.) Um, the THEME was chocolate, wine and romance. Could someone tell me how one teeny tiny little booth in the back of some fences is a chocolate festival? Ok, there was a free slice of chocolate cake in the Costco booth but that's COSTCO!! I was told the wine and beer was "okay" ... To be thorough, there WAS a booth inside the common area with chocolate dipped strawberries which tasted like they bought a generic chocolate slab from Michael's craft store and melted it late last night. I can just imagine the poor kids in a third world country stepping on it to mash the cacao beans. Anyways, like I said, I will consider taking on the next year's festival. It needs raw organic vibrantly amazing cacao truffles. These truffles folks--actually get you HIGH from the alkaloids and minerals and LOVE with which (and sustainable harvest practices which yes, go into the food as a vibration which you then EAT) they are created. The Renaissance Faire needs raw chocolate with maca and other true libido boosters and endorphin mega-kickstarters.

And, I know what your next question is. You're obviously not from here, Cindy, why are you here? Well, it's love, my friend. Love. *flashes large diamond ring* (And I'm beginning to love the Twin Cities as well!) ;)

This (face, left) is what I see when I've miraculously shapeshifted into a human stress ball. You know the kind you squeeze really hard and twist around in your hands to release stress?
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