Monday, September 6, 2010

Journey To Release Sugars Begins Tomorrow: Plus Fiance Starts Fast With Me Tomorrow!!

I was just listening to Shazzie and one thing that reminded me I want to blog was when she said raw foods made her feel great and she began blogging back in 2000 when blogs weren't real popular yet. She said that for her, writing down what she ate for breakfast, lunch and tea was to make sure she didn't fail. To her readers, it was pure inspiration!

I got immediately pumped to post my daily intake so I, too, don't fail. And newsflash: my Fiance has never fasted nor has he ever gone a full day without meat, has committed to doing a 7-day juice fast starting tomorrow. I suggested one day just salads first so we might end up doing that first as a lead-in. ...

Last night many of us had a candlelight vigil for Dave the Raw Food Truck Driver who had a stroke and possible heart attack almost two weeks ago. Penni Shelton has posted updates and many of us from that community of Raw Food Rehab have also posted our videos for Dave's recovery.

I think, one of the things to remember and what I find myself mind-boggled by, is remembering the opportunity we have to preserve and improve our health and able-bodiedness right now. Dave had years and years of morbid obesity with a pre-existing heart condition to deal with. And he significantly improved his health and likely lengthened his lifespan by losing over a hundred pounds on raw living foods and juice feasting. But he'd spent a lot of damaging time as well before that...

So this leads me to think about what to learn from this. Right now I've got my health and and am pretty much a normal healthy weight, give or take a few workouts. Many of us have similar situations. We aren't obese, we don't have a health condition. So now, I'm shouting it from the rooftops ;) is the Time to really break through!

We can, I can (and this is what I aim to be doing now) is to prevent chronic degenerative disease through diet, exercise, holistic body-mind-spirit wellness protocols and break through to the other side of who I am and why I'm here!

I've been studying and using raw living foods and juicing since I was 15 years old. I've ups and downs but maintained largely a high raw as well as gourmet vegetarian intervals over these three decades since. I re-committed to all raw vegan in 2004 and made it for most of the way up until 2008 when I hooked up with some online community support and have been almost 100% since then on a daily basis.

Right now my next step is to clean my body of sugars and to balance my blood sugar levels.I just really enjoyed the Monday Night Live speaker Elaina Love's talk about her latest recipes, low glycemic creations and the death and aging factors related to insulin levels. It was great. Her non-dogmatic evolvement is where so many of us are also getting to. It's great to realize it's all a journey and people will start where they can and will end up raw where they are comfortable and will find what percentage and such helps them have more energy and feel better. I do what works for me that's how I live my passion and inspire and give others hope as well.

Tomorrow I'm going to begin posting my daily food intakes and a few details. I had an unusually heavy eating weekend at the state fair and for this holiday. It might be partly due to a heavier weight lifting session on Friday night, which I plan to get more regular with at least twice a week. See! Note this blog! ;)

I just had my melatonin and deep sleep herbs and am trying to get back on track to getting to bed by 10pm. I've been staying up waaay too late lately and it really affects my mood the next day.
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