Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy 2nd Annual International Juice Feast Day!!

I had the joy of sipping on a fresh green drink prepared by the illustrious Remedy (shown left) at Ecopolitan juice bar, uptown Mpls, MN.
Today--International Juice Feasting Day so tune into live streaming at  because people from all over are gathering in Seattle, WA to broadcast this celebration.
For one, Mallory has just completed 38 out of her 40-day juice feast and Dave the Raw Food Truck Driver is hosting this event--in honor of Dr Gabriel Cousens most recently known for reversing diabetes with raw foods--after losing over 160 lbs on raw foods and juices while trucking full-time. (Yes, I'm still breathing after that sentence.)
Dave reversed cancer in himself with juicing and has managed a serious pre-existing heart condition of late...
Angela Stokes-Monarch will be there live as well as her husband Mr Monarch, the Elaina Love along with an A-list line-up of raw foodie speakers.
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