Sunday, September 19, 2010

Harvest Guacamole

We've been working a lot lately and not much kitchen activity so picking tomatoes from our raised bed then making them into a guacamole/salsa was super fun!
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I posted my Harvest Salsa pic on the fly last night vowing a recipe would not be forthwith. Who knew I'd get so excited and breathless as the salsa soon metamorphosized (my word) into guacamole with fresh serrano chiles!?
As I chopped my own garden-fresh heirloom tomatoes to make a salsa fresca, I knew Mr Markgraf enjoys his guacamole with just these same ingredients. So it soon became a joyous creation.

Harvest Guacamole

Chop fresh tomatoes
1 whole bunch cilantro just chop off bulky stalks the rest are fine!
fresh garlic 3-4 cloves
1 1/2 fresh serrano or favorite peppers w/seeds (or to taste)
fresh avocados
fresh lime juice
garden herbs or chives
sea salt
chili powder
garlic powder

Mix ingredients, tossing lightly with wooden spoon. (Metal just sort of messes with the energy and taste somehow.)

Blend the serrano and some of the cilantro with a scoop of the tomato mixture to smooth out the serrano seeds.

Put the mixture from bowl in food processor for minute to blend but leave some chunks. Then add with the blended mixture and stir well.

Add more lime juice and sea salt to taste.

Garnish with sprig of oregano or other fresh picked herbs.

Serve with organic blue corn chips for non-raw foodies or sprouted go-raw flax chips for the raw foodies like me. ;)

PS - I added nutritional yeast flakes to mine for a cheezier/less tart flavour. Other family members put cheese on their chips and melted it, then put guacamole on top.
Shown here.

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