Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cosy Nite Owl's Nitecap

After finishing my scary novel "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" (excellent by the way Lisbeth is the sanest insane person around and certain others have a sane front yet show how nuts the confusion can take one.) I got back out of bed wanting something yummy but not harmful if you catch my drift.

Feel free to add your own nut mylk cream to this by blending soaked seeds or nuts or nut butter in a bit of water and straining through a nut mylk bag.

Raspberry-Chocolate Teecino Toddy

2 rounded T. Teecino
1 T. carob pwdr
5-8 drops choc-rasp stevia drops (I use Sweetleaf brand)
2 T. coconut oil
pinch celtic sea salt (or more to taste)

Place Teecino in french press or drip coffee cone. Pour boiling water on for several minutes. Let drip or press.

Stir in carob and stevia drops, sea salt.

Top with dollop of coconut oil.

Curl up and listen to the whisper of the Universe.*

*I heard this on wake up to Shazzie this a.m. in Shazzie's new VIP room. ;)

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