Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rawprincess Reviews Renaissance Festival 2010 Minnesota

Why does this man have a carrot in his mouth? My grandpa Frank was a carrot farmer but he was also a devout man and probably wouldn't want to be part of a Renaissance Faire blogpost. ;) Then again, he might. Looking down from heaven he could say, "Get that carrot!" You see, the Mighty Hindenburgs juggled a large knife (scroll down to view photo) and chopped the poor carrot in half: Twice!

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What does poor rawprincess do when she's not blogging her green goop recipes? Why, she goes shopping of course! Mr M obliges both her sweet tooth and her spa tooth (is that a category?) this year at the 2010 Minnesota Renaissance Faire. The Estuary Shop has all organic suppliers though she hasn't yet been certified as an organic distributor. Jessica Slavee gave me the inside scoop on her luscious "Carmel Pecan Candied" Organic Soy and Beeswax candle today. (shown) We also walked off with three bars of scintillating soaps in Cucumber Mint, Fresh Squeezed (all the citrus your heart could desire)and a purple Lavender one Mr Markgraf couldn't resist. I'll have to keep you apprised of the Eucalyptus Mud Mask and Hawaiian Rain Body Silk Massage Oil. Being sure, of course, to wear my new tee shirt "good, clean fun: wet, dirty wenches" Tres poetic! I mean only from the RenaiTrek Crowd, heh?

Candied Caramel Pecan Organic Soy and Beeswax Candle by The Estuary Shop (above) and other fantastic olfactory-pleasing indulgences ... I even received a complimentary Patchouli bath salt.
These enthusiastic daredevils who bounced "manly pink bouncy balls" and played Jenga while tossing large knives in the air aimed at the carrot in Mr Hindenburg's mouth, captivated their audience who chanted obediently. And they even experimented never before attempted feats, right there in front of all of us where they might have failed miserably. Ahh, but they did so in style ..

If there's one thing I know. It's to smile while seated next to a captivating Faun with real hoofen toes. This darling faun did not speak but neatly curled her tail. ;)

Please, dear reader, be careful. Do not enter the King's Dungeon if you've been naughty, for unspeakable punishments would await thee.

I thought there would be an ecological activist twist to this Minnesotan green club. Alas, no. Merely anecdotal evidence that Iowans are special.
Here please view the knife in the air (left above) which aptly slices zee carrot in zee mouth.
Random crowd shots. Um, I'll have a corset and a cape, please, with three slices of gargoyle, two kilts, a tiara--and don't forget the superman we saw.
Like I said you really gotta try and be good while visiting the King's Dungeon. Very good.
You will see him one day with his own show, the new Seinfeld or something.
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Okay, so the moment you've all been waiting for. The chocolate scene needed my help desperately. (My phone number is unlisted but if you really try you might be able to enlist me.) Um, the THEME was chocolate, wine and romance. Could someone tell me how one teeny tiny little booth in the back of some fences is a chocolate festival? Ok, there was a free slice of chocolate cake in the Costco booth but that's COSTCO!! I was told the wine and beer was "okay" ... To be thorough, there WAS a booth inside the common area with chocolate dipped strawberries which tasted like they bought a generic chocolate slab from Michael's craft store and melted it late last night. I can just imagine the poor kids in a third world country stepping on it to mash the cacao beans. Anyways, like I said, I will consider taking on the next year's festival. It needs raw organic vibrantly amazing cacao truffles. These truffles folks--actually get you HIGH from the alkaloids and minerals and LOVE with which (and sustainable harvest practices which yes, go into the food as a vibration which you then EAT) they are created. The Renaissance Faire needs raw chocolate with maca and other true libido boosters and endorphin mega-kickstarters.

And, I know what your next question is. You're obviously not from here, Cindy, why are you here? Well, it's love, my friend. Love. *flashes large diamond ring* (And I'm beginning to love the Twin Cities as well!) ;)

This (face, left) is what I see when I've miraculously shapeshifted into a human stress ball. You know the kind you squeeze really hard and twist around in your hands to release stress?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Recent Before-and-After Pics From 11-Week RawFoodRehab Initiative

I released 5 lbs during the 11-Week's Initiative. I was a member of "The Vault" a higher level commitment of the overall community's activities. My goal was to take off a nagging 5 lbs and keep it off. It was a real struggle up to the end.

Turns out it was pain that motivated me. I'll tell the gallbladder story elsewhere. For now, let's be clear that I was able to actually release a great quantity of gallstones at home and I feel wonderful. It wasn't easy and it takes knowledge, information and diligence to take care of yourself. But, for those who say how scary and crazy it is to flush one's insides, I say it's crazy and scary to go under the surgeon's knife. Sending love and hope. I did it! ;) xo

After: below September 23, 2010

Before: July 10, 2010 (below)

I'll take this opportunity to recommend two books. One is for the Raw Food Cleanse by Penni Shelton, the second is the most comprehensive and scientific I've come across for gallbladder flush beginners by Andreas Moritz. I may receive a commission if you buy through clicking these links. Thanks! ;)
Before: below July 10, 2010

After: September 23, 2010 (below)

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Squash Bisque Soup

I made the Squash Bisque soup last night and it was too sweet for me. Garnished with lots of dulse leaves ...
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Squash Bisque

1 c butternut squash, peeled and chunked
1 red bell pepper, seeded and chopped
2 stalks of celery
1 tomato
2 T parsley, minced
2 T cilantro, minced
1 T olive oil
2 c water
1 t Celtic sea salt
1 t fresh ground black pepper
Dash of cayenne

Combine all ingredients, except parsley and cilantro in your blender until smooth and creamy. Add parsley and cilantro and serve in a hollowed butternut squash.

I topped mine with mixed bean sprouts and tons of cilantro plus nutritional yeast and more olive oil. For some reason it was just very sweet for me that day. But really good. And that didn't stop me from eating most of it for dinner! ;)

Note: This is in the Phase 1.5 of Dr Gabriel Cousens program. The Phase 1 is even more low-glycemic. Rainbow Green Live-Food Cuisine has a complete expose' on the harmful effects of pesticides on children throughout the world with researched studies. Also, the dark field microscopy is explained and how clumping of blood cells can be clearly seen under this microscope if refined or sugary foods are eaten. The blood soon aerates and regains health after a low-glycemic raw vegan diet.

The reason it's so important is that the clumping and lack of oxygen in the blood, as seen in the microscope, are precursors to development of cancer, as is candida. Thus the low-glycemic green approach!

This book is one I won't give up even for a shortage of shelf space!

I may receive a commission if you purchase this or any products after clicking through my amazon link. Thanks.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Harvest Guacamole

We've been working a lot lately and not much kitchen activity so picking tomatoes from our raised bed then making them into a guacamole/salsa was super fun!
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I posted my Harvest Salsa pic on the fly last night vowing a recipe would not be forthwith. Who knew I'd get so excited and breathless as the salsa soon metamorphosized (my word) into guacamole with fresh serrano chiles!?
As I chopped my own garden-fresh heirloom tomatoes to make a salsa fresca, I knew Mr Markgraf enjoys his guacamole with just these same ingredients. So it soon became a joyous creation.

Harvest Guacamole

Chop fresh tomatoes
1 whole bunch cilantro just chop off bulky stalks the rest are fine!
fresh garlic 3-4 cloves
1 1/2 fresh serrano or favorite peppers w/seeds (or to taste)
fresh avocados
fresh lime juice
garden herbs or chives
sea salt
chili powder
garlic powder

Mix ingredients, tossing lightly with wooden spoon. (Metal just sort of messes with the energy and taste somehow.)

Blend the serrano and some of the cilantro with a scoop of the tomato mixture to smooth out the serrano seeds.

Put the mixture from bowl in food processor for minute to blend but leave some chunks. Then add with the blended mixture and stir well.

Add more lime juice and sea salt to taste.

Garnish with sprig of oregano or other fresh picked herbs.

Serve with organic blue corn chips for non-raw foodies or sprouted go-raw flax chips for the raw foodies like me. ;)

PS - I added nutritional yeast flakes to mine for a cheezier/less tart flavour. Other family members put cheese on their chips and melted it, then put guacamole on top.
Shown here.

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Harvest Salsa

Hey, yeah! No recipe it's a still life. ;)

The heirloom tomatoes are from our raised bed this year. It's been blissful having some soil to sink my hands into because I'm finally in one place.

Cosy Nite Owl's Nitecap

After finishing my scary novel "Girl With The Dragon Tattoo" (excellent by the way Lisbeth is the sanest insane person around and certain others have a sane front yet show how nuts the confusion can take one.) I got back out of bed wanting something yummy but not harmful if you catch my drift.

Feel free to add your own nut mylk cream to this by blending soaked seeds or nuts or nut butter in a bit of water and straining through a nut mylk bag.

Raspberry-Chocolate Teecino Toddy

2 rounded T. Teecino
1 T. carob pwdr
5-8 drops choc-rasp stevia drops (I use Sweetleaf brand)
2 T. coconut oil
pinch celtic sea salt (or more to taste)

Place Teecino in french press or drip coffee cone. Pour boiling water on for several minutes. Let drip or press.

Stir in carob and stevia drops, sea salt.

Top with dollop of coconut oil.

Curl up and listen to the whisper of the Universe.*

*I heard this on wake up to Shazzie this a.m. in Shazzie's new VIP room. ;)

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy 2nd Annual International Juice Feast Day!!

I had the joy of sipping on a fresh green drink prepared by the illustrious Remedy (shown left) at Ecopolitan juice bar, uptown Mpls, MN.
Today--International Juice Feasting Day so tune into live streaming at  because people from all over are gathering in Seattle, WA to broadcast this celebration.
For one, Mallory has just completed 38 out of her 40-day juice feast and Dave the Raw Food Truck Driver is hosting this event--in honor of Dr Gabriel Cousens most recently known for reversing diabetes with raw foods--after losing over 160 lbs on raw foods and juices while trucking full-time. (Yes, I'm still breathing after that sentence.)
Dave reversed cancer in himself with juicing and has managed a serious pre-existing heart condition of late...
Angela Stokes-Monarch will be there live as well as her husband Mr Monarch, the Elaina Love along with an A-list line-up of raw foodie speakers.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Raspberry-Maca Mylk Shake

2 c. water
2 handfuls almonds
2-3 frozen bananas
1 c. frozen raspberries
honey (optional)
pinch sea salt (optional)
1 heaping T. maca powder

Blend almonds in water well then strain through nut milk bag.

Return almond milk to blender and add remaining ingredients except maca.

Blend until frothy then add maca and blend very briefly.

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Introducing the Detox/Cleanse Massage

Are you getting healthy?

Cindy Cummins, LMT, NCBTMB, RPP offers Biodynamic Craniosacral therapy (Sill's Fluid-Model) and Polarity Therapy with integrative detox/youthing bodywork at the Ecopolitan Building where there is also a juice bar, raw vegan gourmet restaurant, and colon hydrotherapy services in uptown Minneapolis, MN. 2409 Lyndale Ave S, Mpls, MN. Phone: 651-319-7765.

Ask about Youthing Postures and Energy Yoga by Cindy too!

Listening to Your System ...
Says Cindy,"My favorite sessions are detox-cleansing massage for folks who are actively improving their diet and fitness. After I press and stretch them, pummel them and shake them out, I "talk to the bones" for re-orienting on subtle but profound levels via Biodynamic Craniosacral. It's a magic carpet ride that rawks you could say!! ;)"

Wednesdays and Saturdays with Cindy. 651-319-7765

Biodynamic Craniosacral, Polarity Therapy, Raw Living Foods Support

Ms Cummins has been a raw foods enthusiast since the age of 15 and a student and practitioner of energy bodywork since age 17. She self-taught and then received formal training from Alive Polarity at Murrieta Hot Springs, CA (RPP) East West College of the Healing Arts, OR (LMT) Colorodo School of Energy Studies (BCST pending) and Hudson Valley School of Massage (1000 hr completion for NY state ed req'ment).

She has worked on thousands of clients nationwide, and tailors sessions individually with Biodynamic Craniosacral and Polarity Therapies, which incorporate Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine meridians and levels of touch (deep pressure, rocking motions and light holds.) Swedish, Sports, Reflexolgy, Facial Rejuvenation and more are drawn upon as needed per client.

Red Carpet For Those *Rawkin' It!

Book your appointment at the Ecopolitan Building, 2409 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN with Cindy Cummins, LMT. Mention this ad for the new client discount $10 plus an extra $10 *"rawk star" discount (Regularly $75/hr). 651-319-7765 Gourmet Raw Vegan Restaurant and Juice Bar in the building!! There are also colonic hydrotherapy services in the building.

Note: A rawk star is anyone who desires to add more raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds into their daily food plan! ;) That's it!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Journey To Release Sugars Begins Tomorrow: Plus Fiance Starts Fast With Me Tomorrow!!

I was just listening to Shazzie and one thing that reminded me I want to blog was when she said raw foods made her feel great and she began blogging back in 2000 when blogs weren't real popular yet. She said that for her, writing down what she ate for breakfast, lunch and tea was to make sure she didn't fail. To her readers, it was pure inspiration!

I got immediately pumped to post my daily intake so I, too, don't fail. And newsflash: my Fiance has never fasted nor has he ever gone a full day without meat, has committed to doing a 7-day juice fast starting tomorrow. I suggested one day just salads first so we might end up doing that first as a lead-in. ...

Last night many of us had a candlelight vigil for Dave the Raw Food Truck Driver who had a stroke and possible heart attack almost two weeks ago. Penni Shelton has posted updates and many of us from that community of Raw Food Rehab have also posted our videos for Dave's recovery.

I think, one of the things to remember and what I find myself mind-boggled by, is remembering the opportunity we have to preserve and improve our health and able-bodiedness right now. Dave had years and years of morbid obesity with a pre-existing heart condition to deal with. And he significantly improved his health and likely lengthened his lifespan by losing over a hundred pounds on raw living foods and juice feasting. But he'd spent a lot of damaging time as well before that...

So this leads me to think about what to learn from this. Right now I've got my health and and am pretty much a normal healthy weight, give or take a few workouts. Many of us have similar situations. We aren't obese, we don't have a health condition. So now, I'm shouting it from the rooftops ;) is the Time to really break through!

We can, I can (and this is what I aim to be doing now) is to prevent chronic degenerative disease through diet, exercise, holistic body-mind-spirit wellness protocols and break through to the other side of who I am and why I'm here!

I've been studying and using raw living foods and juicing since I was 15 years old. I've ups and downs but maintained largely a high raw as well as gourmet vegetarian intervals over these three decades since. I re-committed to all raw vegan in 2004 and made it for most of the way up until 2008 when I hooked up with some online community support and have been almost 100% since then on a daily basis.

Right now my next step is to clean my body of sugars and to balance my blood sugar levels.I just really enjoyed the Monday Night Live speaker Elaina Love's talk about her latest recipes, low glycemic creations and the death and aging factors related to insulin levels. It was great. Her non-dogmatic evolvement is where so many of us are also getting to. It's great to realize it's all a journey and people will start where they can and will end up raw where they are comfortable and will find what percentage and such helps them have more energy and feel better. I do what works for me that's how I live my passion and inspire and give others hope as well.

Tomorrow I'm going to begin posting my daily food intakes and a few details. I had an unusually heavy eating weekend at the state fair and for this holiday. It might be partly due to a heavier weight lifting session on Friday night, which I plan to get more regular with at least twice a week. See! Note this blog! ;)

I just had my melatonin and deep sleep herbs and am trying to get back on track to getting to bed by 10pm. I've been staying up waaay too late lately and it really affects my mood the next day.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Candlelight Vigil Now For Dave the Raw Food Truck Driver's Full Recovery

Meditations, prayers, love and Light sent now to Dave the Raw Food Trucker for regaining optimal health along with financial abundance!

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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Honestly-And-Truthfully Tomato Salad

I hesitate to photograph food I'm eating from it looks so messy, but honestly and truthfully I hope it shares the love and entices someone to go find fresh tomatoes!
There were several women in New York state who prefaced their sentences with "Honestly and truthfully .." which I just loved and have picked up and say occasionally as well now.

Fresh pick your tomatoes if possible just before eating.
Add fresh-picked herbs too, such as basil or oregano.

Honestly And Truthfully Tomato Salad
Olive oil
Fresh-cracked pepper
pink salt
nutritional yeast
balsamic vinegar

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Am Sorry Thousand Island Blended Salad ;)

You know how it is when you create a beautiful orange salad dressing with your garden-picked tomato and herbs only to have it turn a brownish green after adding your greens.

Oh well! You can always garnish with marigold petals and oregano sprigs. ;)


apple cider vinegar
olive oil
sea salt
fresh cracked black pepper

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