Saturday, June 19, 2010

Old Zendik Farm Site--Bonsall CA

This is where I lived for several years as a teen and was part of reversing cancer for the owner's mother.
Using fresh pressed vegetable juices, daily colon cleansing, and salads to allow her body's natural healing system to come alive made a big impression on me.
I remember one day making green juice for her in the Norwalk juicer. I was placing all the triturated greens into the cloth and placing it into the hydraulic press but my mind must've been more on the fact that I was about to get the rest of the day off and hitchhike down to the beach.
Suddenly the cloth wrap exploded as I was pressing and sent greens and zucchini pulp flying across the ceiling.
I was a little sheepish as Arol sent me off early saying I might as well go. ;)
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