Monday, June 7, 2010

Green Fudge Flurry & Chocolate Sauce Review

Use any frozen fruit and greens you like.

This happened to be pretty complex! With soaked chia, Ormus greens, spirulina, wild fresh-picked dandelion, frozen berry and banana along with a variety of royal jelly, bee pollen, pink salt, 1/2 avocado and spoon of coconut oil!

Make yours more frozen and firm by using an ice cream maker. Penni Shelton on has some great ice cream recipes in the Kitchen there.

For the fudge flurry part, I used "healthy addictions" raw chocolate sauce.

They are here in Minnesota and I've followed their online biz for years. But found their products locally when I moved here at Valley Naturals in Apple Valley. I'm member now.

It's agave but like Matt Monarch said recently it may be as refined as corn syrup but it's not genetically modified or loaded w/ chemicals.

The syrup needs more cacao in my opinion and it's too sweet, but in this dessert works well.

Slice fresh banana 4 a split.

xo rawprincess

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