Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cindy's June Greeen Smoothie Challenge! ;)

Yes, folks. It's my very own greeen smoothie challenge! Even though I've been 100% raw (w/minimal "slips") I forget that a head of greens in a smoothie will really keep my cravings and stress-responses at bay, keep my youthing gene activated and balance my world!
This is my new "usual" for breakfast.
Head of kale (change up the greens and rotate).
4 frozen bananas
I can also change up to a savory but then I really like avo or fats in that. This way there's no fat at all.
Will see. I will try it without fat and report.
Please comment below if you are joining me for the green smoothie challenge--this simply means you will add a quart of green smoothie per day.

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