Monday, May 3, 2010

Food Plan & Body Movement Plan

For me, abstinence means loving myself and extreme self care. ;)

Rule: 3 meals a day before dark (or 6pm in summer)
Permissable snacks: herb tea, kombucha, coconut kefir, bee pollen, chlorella tabs, and of course, fresh green juice.

I've been reading Angela Stoke's "Raw Emotions" and devising more structure for myself around food plan. I've noticed that for me, moving my body is actually more important than trying to find the exact right menu. This is because I'm in need of the endorphins and pro-active sensations I receive from moving it around.

I've been able to stop coffee and cacao now and don't feel as sluggish as I did the first few weeks. 

I don't actually think I will need the Meltzer dinner plan of baked potato and steamed veggies or corn on cob but I have included it as occasionally allowable if I want to. I saw Dr Meltzer with Wulf and Arol Zendik back in the late 70s and he made a big impression on me. He's basically of the Paavo Airola lineage and promotes raw foods but also a wonderful awareness of calories, fats, body movement, spiritual growth and transitioning with some acid foods. 

I'm struggling for a daily reprieve from emotional pulls to use food as comfort. Otherwise, I'm basically ready to be 100% raw as far as I can tell. (As Angela says you can have anything you want at all times it's a matter of "What Would Love Do" and what makes you feel best?)

Tonight I went for a long walk at dusk, the magic hour they call it in Hollywood. Walking I realized I had a pain in my heart chakra and that I could release it now. I realized it could have been hurt from an early misunderstanding or it could have really happened in my youngster years that I felt alone. Nevertheless, I've sensed this as a palpable sensation like a dagger in my heart for several years going high raw now as I keep peeling back the onion layers of self-awareness and healing. Tonight I actually felt the earth Mother holding me as I was ready to let it be expelled. I could feel the sensation of expelling something out my heart chakra and the relief of the pain leaving me.

Hey my heart took a big poop!

6am - 6:30am Arise and Run! (20min minimum)

Dry Brush, Internal Hygiene
Green Tea
Youthing Postures (hey I've got a top secret plan to teach these soon!)

B:7:30-8am Green Juice or Green Smoothie or Energy Soup or Vitality Drink or Cellulite Melter 1 grapefruit, 2 oranges, 1 lemon or lime and 1 chunk fresh ginger juiced or Meltzer fruit salad.Pack Lunch (if not packed night before).

L: 12:30pm-2pm for 30min.

Same as B or Meltzer Salad (2tsp seeds or 1/2 avo)
D: 6-7pm Same L or add potassium broth or Meltzer steam veg and baked potato w/1/2avo & salsa 30min if desired. (Pack lunch for next day if possible.)

  • Walk or Run as desired outdoors connecting with Nature/HP
  • Music & Posting to YouTube or Blog
  • hot tea
  • 10th step
Bedtime 10pm-11pm
In the night: meditation and prayer. I often read a bit of inspirational book in bed just before lights out.

PS If you click on any of the links and purchase something at that time, I might receive a commission. ;) 

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