Saturday, April 17, 2010

Afternoon Cocktail ...

Guess what? The Universe brought me a juicer. That's right. I prayed and was led to Goodwill yesterday where there was an Omega 1000 for $6.99.

If I had cancer I'd use nothing but a Norwalk but to get set up here in my new home in Minnesota, this is perfect.

I supplemented the carrot celery apple by using my Vitamix to make the green juice.

Today I'm suffering through detox symptoms and withdrawal from my coffee habit. (It's been one whole week.)

I do this to allow my liver a deep cleanse and rest, my adrenals a rest as well as my nervous system. Are your hormones changing? Supporting your liver with a cleanse and living foods diet can make a huge difference.

carrot beet celery collard parsley apple ginger lime ... mmm the best!

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