Thursday, April 29, 2010

I Am Centered Coconut Celery Ice Cream

Are your tastebuds ready for simplicity?

This coconut bliss involves one young thai coconut, one frozen banana, one stalk of celery blended w/enough coconut water to make it creamy.

Not shown here: I garnished this w/ strips of coconut tossed in fresh lime juice and pink salt.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Afternoon Cocktail ...

Guess what? The Universe brought me a juicer. That's right. I prayed and was led to Goodwill yesterday where there was an Omega 1000 for $6.99.

If I had cancer I'd use nothing but a Norwalk but to get set up here in my new home in Minnesota, this is perfect.

I supplemented the carrot celery apple by using my Vitamix to make the green juice.

Today I'm suffering through detox symptoms and withdrawal from my coffee habit. (It's been one whole week.)

I do this to allow my liver a deep cleanse and rest, my adrenals a rest as well as my nervous system. Are your hormones changing? Supporting your liver with a cleanse and living foods diet can make a huge difference.

carrot beet celery collard parsley apple ginger lime ... mmm the best!

Friday, April 9, 2010

You Too Can Eat This ... And Run (or variation depending on able-bodiedness.) xo

Whatever your level of health and good dietary habits were before your "diet" (whether it's a fast, juice feast, banana island, raw food challenge etc) will be what you likely return to *after* the fast, juice feast, raw foods challenge or banana island (I've heard more than one source say this including freelee and noticed it's pretty true for me.)

So tomorrow is 's next 11-week health and weight loss initiative.

Have I been pigging out during the break? Well, no, actually. Easter is a bit of a blur but trust me the cacao content was down and it was heavy on the coconut side. ;)

Oh, the pic. Well, you too can enjoy this energy soup inspired by Dr Ann Wigmore and touted now by Dr Jim Carey and Dr Flora.

Sometimes we do seem like a buncha nutz I know but check it out. Greens are medicine and I ran 3 miles today w/out stopping. Did you?

Able-bodied enabled of course. Altho not to be insensitive to folks but many folks make up excuses why they can't start...

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just Became Co-op Member of the Wedge Uptown Mpls xo ;)

Uptown Mpls just a block fm Ecopolitan bldg where I freelance at (did I spell that right? dang!) and *squee* um, (sorry) they have raw vegan cheesecake!'s 11-week raw food health and weightloss initiative doesn't start until Saturday soooooo .... but of course I'll still be sticking with the greens section of the produce aisle ...

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