Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr Birthday Day

Since I'm working all day today I realized I'd be celebrating Martin Luther King Jr's birthday all day at work.
I made these over the top delish raw chocolate "Turtles" and made the MLK greeting and the sig w/ smile face and xo's on the staffroom lounge board. Someone brought the best homemade kombucha today (thx Eli so we're way good here.

What do I want to say? I guess wherever you are, whatever you're doing there are many ways to honor Dr King today around every corner.

Listening across cultural and class lines without interruption, without "helpin'" (unless requested).

Other things like reading The Speech and please ... comment and let me know more ways to honor Dr King. I'm thinking,too. helping out in Haiti by texting cash.

But let me know.

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