Friday, January 15, 2010

Salad Dressing For Mimi ;) xo

A nice cold pressed vegetable oil
I prefer first cold-pressed olive oil.

Different vinegars give different flavor. A lot of the time I really like Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar which gives your body good probiotics. I like it with nutritional yeast seasoning and cayenne powder.

Rice vinegar is for Asian flair and is great with a nice raw miso blended in the blender with a little sesame oil, a bell pepper and a bit of fresh garlic. A slice of raw ginger root in the dressing is delicious. That goes great with your romaine and cashews and any veggies really. Add more oil as you let the blender run to create thickness.

A nice balsamic vinegrette is delicious and sweet too. It tastes great on Italian or Greek type salads. (And that's what we had at Houlihan's)

You need a nice high quality sea salt. I used "real salt" on the salad you tasted. I often use pink salt which I got at Ecopolitan in Mpls. They got it from Thailand.

You will want a very organic, non irradiated cayenne powder. You could also consider making your own by drying some fresh red chilis and grinding them up.

Nutritional yeast flakes can be found in the bulk section of most organic markets. Valley Naturals has them. Whole Foods would have them. I used to find them at Rainbow but last time I was there they were all out.

Cashews add a very nice crunch and sweet flavor to the salad. Look for whole raw cashews. (They aren't cheap but you'll use them wisely as a protein alternative to meat, right?)

These are my condiments which I carry with me in a little cute lunchie type bag. Find a cute way to tote your condiments and you can order raw veggies ANYWHERE and be happily (mouth-watering happily) munching and healthy along with any friend or group.

Enjoy. Blessings.

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