Thursday, January 28, 2010

Salad 101

Actually I'm on Day 2 of liquids but made this salad the night before.

It's so delicious eating these vegetable salads on romaine and you feel so good after eating this way over time, that I can't help but recall old addictions and cravings for fast foods and standard American fare.

I think of all the people who haven't yet experienced how amazingly satisfying and delicious whole foods are with just a little help in the prep and condiments department.

This here is a good example of a basic combo of dressing ingredients to end up with mouth-watering scrumptiousness no one can deny.

And you can toss it all up no need to blend or anything.

Start w/ the freshest veggies washed and lettuce patted dry organic if possible.

Drizzle your olive oil first. We are going for rich today--and the 5 flavors of salty sour sweet spicy and bitter? Next a few capfuls of organic apple cider vinegar. Some nutritional yeast 4 creaminess, miso or sea salt, cayenne powder & teeny drizzle agave. Toss Yum

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