Friday, January 8, 2010

Oour Ecopolitan Lunch Today

The Ecopolitan in Minneapolis Minnesota.
We started with the Bruschetta (one piece of bread is missing in photo. ;))

I ordered the Spicy Thai Noodles. It has pineapple and coconut in it and a really nice curry sauce. The noodles were variety with zucchini, radish and others. I liked it a lot because I wanted something lighter but still yummy. Plus it was warming with this weather.

Mr Markgraf ordered the eco-burger. I found it nice and deep and rich. He found it dry and liked his salad most. (I noticed he ate it all though ;))
We wanted a light dessert so Mr M had some sort of sonic shot of cayenne, beet juice and such which an orange slice was garnished to cut the nice bite.

I had the young coconut shake, just coconut milk and meat blended. I asked for no ice but they don't use it anyway so it was lovely.

This is the folder, handmade, for the check brought to our table.

I still wasn't "full" and ever the curious picked up to-go the orange-pistachio uncookie and a carob ball rolled in coconut. I ate these happily on the way home. They were low-glycemic I could tell. I doubt there was any agave. Probably just date or something. I didn't ask.

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