Friday, January 22, 2010

Fun in Kenton --Portland, OR

Gleaned from a Trillium Charter School discussion email: Hat tip to Kerri (Note:Rawprincess Studio is in Kenton 2125 N Willis)

Here's a last-minute notice about a free show in Kenton tomorrow night: Trillium preschool parents Ben Cosloy and Tristan Trotter will both be playing at the World Famous Kenton Club. Tristan's band The Gams plays at 9 and Ben's band Bad Assets will play afterwards.

For those who came to the bash at Trillium in Bloom last spring, Bad Assets was the great country-rock band that played and lots of us danced to. Tristan describes the Gams as "a country-twinged (mostly) chick affair featuring some damn fine talented women (and for this show, one DAMN fine talented man)."

The World Famous Kenton Club is a lovely dive bar with room to dance. It'll be boozy and fun (and smoke-free these days--I love that part--no offense to those who smoke).
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