Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Junk-Food Slip-Up? Make Your Next Bite Raw! ;)

Even if you got off-track earlier today when friends or co-workers caught you during a weak moment and you put some sugar or junk down the pie-hole, you can STILL salvage the day and make your NEXT BITE real and raw.

Put that slip-up behind you with this raw goji-cacao torte topped with frozen organic blueberries!

In my teenage years , if I got off-track with my food, I'd hate myself and fast for days. This merely worsened my cravings and issues. I've learned to quickly plan and carry out a favorite raw foods meal after a mishapped mouthful and ignore the inner critic who insists I'll just gain weight.

Nope, best to adjust those taste buds and REMEMBER clearly how fresh and delicious my favorite salad or cacao dishes are.

This seems to calm me down and gear me up for the possible digestive repercussions ahead from my error.

It also stops a potential cycle of yo-yo dieting or a binge-purge trap.

Don't forget the peppermint tea! 

(P.S. You can wait several hours after a food blunder to settle your tummy, of course, just make your next bite raw and yummy bliss! ;))

Cacao Torte Topped w/Organic Frozen Blueberries

1/4c coconut oil, gently melted in double boiler
3 rounded T. raw cacao powder
2 T goji berry extract powder (Natural Zing)
1 mill freshly ground sunflower seeds
1/2 mill freshly ground sesame seeds
1-2 T freshly ground flax seeds
pinches of sea salt
dash of cinnamon
dark chocolate extract (at cost thru Dec) use code HONEYMOON for extra 7% off at chkout Vanilla creme stevia drops
coconut sap
raw honey

Whisk cacao powder into the gently melted coconut oil (low heat).
In a bowl, mix ground seeds with remaining dry ingredients.

Stir and whisk the melted cacao mixture into the dry mixture. Add your honeys, sap and extract drops to taste.

Mold into torte shapes or just place a nice scoop in bowl like I do ;).

Top with lots of frozen blueberries which will harden the torte nicely.

Serve with hot herbal tea. Soooo good you'll turn down the SAD treats next time!! ;)

I may receive a commission if you click these links, even if you order other products thru these links. Thank you so much, every bit helps! ;) love, cindy

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Awaken From Holidaze: Juice Feasting, Raw Emotions Meetup, Why You Need To "Stand Your Ground!" --Matt Monarch

This was crossposted to my friends in iVault4--a room in the "Mansion" edited a bit for clarity.

My Juice Feast Starts Here!

Four years ago yesterday Angela-Stokes Monarch began her 92-day juice feast--we are all so blessed for her leadership and courage--and it just turned out that I had worked myself into a juice feast and my new VERT (!! yes Vert!) juicer arrived yesterday (the 20th) as well. ;)

Raw Emotions Support Group in Minnesota!

I also just opened up a local meetup group for studying Raw Emotions (Angela's book by that name) in my home and already a dozen people have joined. Our first meeting is Dec 8. (BTW, she announced it on her blog, so cool ~!~ here)

I've been struggling for the past 30 days with yoyo eating and I know it has been fear-based. I'm ready to face some of the physical changes that began as my raw journey has been very consistent for over two years now (and high raw with all raw and significant juice fasts/colon cleanses for over 30 years).

When we peel back the layers there's sometimes surprises underneath the sludge (metaphorical and literal) as it releases. I won't go into detail here, don't mean to be dramatic or mysterious let's just say some obstructions have deep-seated emotional holding.

I hit one of those places during my last juicing and cleansing interval just about a month ago and ran the other direction.

A recent quote I came across struck me and helped me not take this information on rejuvenation for granted. At times it's been easy for me to think, "Well, I rejuvenated once, I can always hurt my body with these non-foods then go back to healing afterward."

But last night, reading my new copy of Matt Monarch's e-version of Raw Success ... He goes into detail about how the cells of our body begin shrinking with a raw foods diet, a clean diet. Because they have been stretched out with gasses from the way the body protects when we put essentially poisons into our systems.

He astutely outlines that as our body's cells protect us from processed foods of a standard American diet they enlarge and hold gases and liquid/fat. Having done bodywork as much as I have as a Polarity Therapist of Dr Randolph Stone's instruction, I totally tune in to how we assist our clients to release cellular gaseous toxins through bodywork. ...

But Matt went on to say, as our cells detoxify, they keep shrinking and toxic gasses are released and our cells tighten and become younger ...etc but then he used a rubber band analogy. A rubber band will stretch out and snap back but after a while loses its elasticity.

When I read those words (paraphrase) : A rubber band will stretch out and snap back but after a while loses its elasticity.

I realized in that moment that I will not continue doing that to my cells anymore. It's a great visual.

Stand Your Ground This Holiday Season

Something else Matt said struck me in a recent (two days ago?) Rawfoodworld tv show. He and his wife Angela were talking about the holidays. (I've embedded it at the bottom of the page for you.)

He looked right at the camera and said, "Stand your ground."

It was good to see how clearly and fiercely, yet lovingly he meant it.

He asked, "If all your friends were smoking cigarettes would you smoke too just to be around them?"

I'm embarking on a juice feast which I learned from the Juice Feasting Handbook by Angela that she herself did it through the major holidays Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Valentines Day.

Mistakes Past Are Lovingly Released ...

I just can't do another year, won't do another year of plodding along, making raw feasts and overeating or nibbling and compulsively taking a piece or more of what the rest of the family is having, then gaining weight (etc.) and feeling kinda hopeless actually.

Doesn't have to be that way.

I can stand my ground in a quiet, humble way and as I become so completely resourced and calm (already feel it after two days of smoothies and juices and then Saturday all juice.) I'm able to be loving and centered and when I'm overeating or finding obsessions with food in my forethoughts, I'm not so able to do that.

I plan to work through Raw Emotions with some local people who will come to my house.

I am going to dig in and do the emotional work with the working tools of Raw Emotions as I Juice Feast. I also like the book "The Fasting Path" it has a lot of insights. The only thing that kind of pushed my buttons about it was author Stephen Buhner really downplays colon cleansing. He makes a great, a fantastic point that colon cleansing is not because we are "bad" and trying to purge ourselves of some self-dislike or to become "pure" like from a low self-esteem place.

But he really does act as though colon cleansing is not helpful and in our world condition presently I totally feel if you're going to go 100% raw or cleanse on juices you really do need to make sure not to autointoxicate.

Steeping in one's own toxins is not a pleasant thing.

But other than that pet peeve, I love his book.

Holiday Blissings From Rawprincess Studio

I hope this helps any lovely souls wandering through Rawprincess Studio who want to see their holidays and family time this year be a time of true north and compassionate kind-hearted standing our ground. We are truly part of creating a healthier trend on this planet at this time. We are each a part, starting here, with loving ourselves with living foods and wellness lifestyle. I think as this movement grows by leaps and bounds, and the entrepreneurial aspects of sharing and supporting one another grow as well, we give each other so much momentum for reaching goals and transforming to Love.

I may receive a commission should you click on any product links herein. Thank you!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Have-A-Latte Elixir!

Have-A-Latte Elixir
2 Young Thai Coconuts
(about 2 pints liquid and only about 3 Tblspns meat worked.)
3 Tblspns hempseed
1 Tblspn Greener Grasses
1 Tblspn coconut oil
5 drops vanilla stevia
4 drops chocolate flavor extract
1 tsp honey (optional unless you're me today).
less than a pinch of pink salt

Blend and serve in celebratory fashion!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Best of Raw 2010 Nominations Time!

Be sure to nominate in many categories for your favorite raw educators, bloggers, chefs, TV shows and more over here!
I'd love to be nominated myself, (yes, there is a sexiest raw female category ;))and you might not know I'm a musician and vocal artist over here for favorite raw musical artist. You will need to enter my website and email address cindy at skylightmassage dot com when you nominate. Have fun with it! And thanks! (I've also posted my improv "Yellow Chakra On Venice Boardwalk" set below).

A sampling of who I've nominated so far:

Best community:
Best Book of 2010: Raw Cleanse by Penni Shelton (
Best Female Athlete: Tonya Kay
Funniest Raw Female: Heather (
Best Simple Raw Chef: Angela Stokes-Monarch
Best Blog: (mine or ...;))
Best Radio: Laura Fox (shown below)

Saturday, November 6, 2010

#amwriting #nanowrimo #rawvegan

#amwriting #nanowrimo Ecopolitan pear custard pie and carob cookie (yes carob is back). over 1399 words today and still at it.

Friday, November 5, 2010

NanoWrimo (National Novel Writing Month) day 4

It seems Laura Miller of has decided to not just be the b-word but the complete a-word. If we follow her advice why bother learning to cook, or sew, or play a musical instrument? Or why bother running a marathon what a waste of time? Why bother challenging yourself to any new skill, Laura? If we just read Laura's book all will be well in her world. Otherwise, we're self-centered, conceited, ego-maniacs.

Sending love to Laura Miller (and the LA Times) : I promise hereby hereforeto, to edit my  novel and not send it to you posthaste. I promise and solemnly do swear to read more books this year. Amen.

Today's NanoWrimo Write-in: this is me (left) happy self-involved writer and Kari (right) mother of two who decided there aren'tenough good children's books out there and she herself should write one.

I'm at a little over 7,000 words and I can assure thee Laura of, it ain't no crap!

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Haunted Green Soup

The usual culprits: lots of kale with pieces of cucumber, tomato, red pepper; added some hempseed, olive oil, garlic, sea salt and black pepper.
Also tried the new Coconut Aminos: more on that later after I chow this Haunted Green Soup.
Mostly riding on the cover of October 27, 2010, issue for its spooky-ness.
Topped with Lydia's Green Crackers and dulse leaves.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Raw Carrot Cake w/HempSuperFoodCreamCheeze Filling & Coconut Cream Frosting

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Raw Carrot Cake With HempCreamCheeze Filling & Coconut Cream Frosting 
by Cici Cummins
(beegan: contains bee products)

Ingredients List:

Pitted dried prunes torn or cut in half
raw coconut flakes
baby carrots 
raw tahini
coconut oil
raw honey (I used “Really Raw Honey” out of Baltimore MD but any creamy white kind would work.)
beepollen sprouted pumpkin seeds

royal jelly
pinch sea salt
vanilla cream stevia drops (I use Sweetleaf brand)
maca (optional added at very end of creaming to avoid bitterness.)
raw walnuts to press underneath and into top of cake before frosting.
Coconut Manna by nutiva for frosting

  • Place several handfuls prunes and about 1 c. coconut flakes in food processor and process until uniform smaller chunks.
  • Add 1 c. baby carrots and pulse until small chunky texture as well. Don’t over pulse.
Add stickier ingredients:

Heaping spoonful raw tahini
2 heaping spoonfuls coconut oil
2 heaping spoonfuls raw honey (creamy kind w/ pollen I used “Really Raw Honey” out of Baltimore MD but any creamy white kind would work.)
1 T beepollen
pinch sea salt

  • Process just enough to mix, not get pasty. 
  • Stir once or twice scraping edge then pulse briefly until ball of dough begins to form. 
  • Stop processing. It needs to be somewhat light and fluffy.
  • Press onto plate or oiled cake tin or cheesecake mold. Once you have a shape formed, you want to Crunch up some raw walnuts (I prefer to break my walnuts up by hand) and line a fresh cake plate with the raw walnuts then press the cake into walnuts using a spatula to lift it and keep its shape. Press the cake loaf into the walnuts on the bottom and the top of cake. 
  • Place on final serving cake plate.
  • Repress any misshapen sides and use a knife to smooth the edges all around for desired shape and neatness of presentation. 
  • Refrigerate.
Hemp Cream Cheeze Filling:
  • Mill sprouted pumpkin seeds until almost butter.
  • Place in bowl.
1T sesame tahini
3T hempseeds
2T coconut oil
2T honey
1/2 T royal jelly
pinch sea salt
5 drops vanilla cream stevia drops (I use Sweetleaf brand)
1T maca (optional added at very end of creaming to avoid bitterness.)

  • Stir then cream well in the vita mix using plunger and stirring. Do not overheat but do cream well.
  • Spread on top of cake: chill

  • Top with coconut cream frosting: Place in VitaMix and plunge: Coconut Manna by nutiva with Raw Honey pinch of sea salt drops of vanilla stevia. Make this extra rich and sweet and abundant.
  • Sprinkle raw coconut shavings or shreds on top of cake. 
  • Garnish with edible flowers.

  • Posted by PicasaMy new friend from the Twin Cities Raw Meet-up, Tatiana, insisted I write this recipe out for her. She is a professional confectionist and was quite impressed with this fine cake. ;)
    Attend a raw foods meetup in the Twin Cities area. More information is over here.
     I may receive a commission if you click and purchase via links above.

    Posted by PicasaMary has raw chef training from Living Light in CA (shown above left)

Folks enjoying after dinner hanging out, kids welcome! ;)

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Pure Food Express Chaska MN

I ate all the cheesecake but wanted to suggest No Fillers!

I remember being so excited that Mr Markgraf drove me here: I had no idea where he was going.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Rawprincess Running Raw -- Monster Dash 10 mile Oct. 30, 2010

Goal: To Run at least 8 miles one week before the race. Then, Finish and Run a Significant Portion of Race!! (It is walker friendly.) Cheer me on in comments, puh-leez (I've only so far run a 5K.)Also, I have something up my sleeve with my raw foods and juicing secret-fuel, to be announced. ;) xoxo

Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Game Plan ... (crossposted to

I plan to go 100% raw this initiative--including I'm tapering off of the black coffee for the initiative. I plan to upgrade my juicer and get a dehydrator during this initiative. I will do juicing depending how it affects my running and training.

I will get to 120 and maintain that weight for a sustained period until it sticks. (With regular consistent workouts and strength training).

I'm getting in gear with training for a 10 mile race Oct 30 and a half marathon Dec 5.

(I ran my first 5K in style last year I never thought I could run at all).

Running upon awakening seems the best way to have it happen. If I don't run when I wake up to make sure to swing by the gym for the treadmill after work instead of going directly home. There's a runner's club here on Monday nights and Sat mornings I need to get out of my comfort zone and just show up there.

I will keep my journal daily. I already printed up 30 of Penni's Master copies of blank journal entry and have my own notebook and have done the first one.

At the end of the last initiative I released large gallstones and one was even lodged in the duct for a bit but good thing I'm very experienced and I got it through. I released 5 lbs (which I gained back in the break between initiatives.) This initiative when I reach my goal weight I will create or find a therapeutic way to heal from some mysterious sabotage or fears of being my ideal weight. I felt great at 123 and two summers ago I felt great at 121. It is possible, as I learned by listening recently to Laura Fox's Raw Foods Product Industry radio interview of a naturopathic doc, that circulating non-fatsoluble chemicals in my fat but which are not able to be released cause me to feel poorly and put the weight back on. The environmental toxins which end up in our fat need to be able to be transported out since they are not water soluble. He said green tea is really good for that or certain special types of fat. And black radish for healing the ileocecal valve. (Louise Gittleman and Walter Crinnion)

I bought some bentonite clay which is good for that too.

I do mostly juice and smoothies with bee pollen and chlorella tablet snacks. I use herb tea and coconut kefir. If I get hungry for solids a salad with crackers and avo or a fruit salad with walnuts and raisins.
Try to eat by 6pm and get to bed by 10pm. Drink a qt or acv water, do my dry brush, hot cold showers, yoga, go to the gym often almost daily over the winter and do sauna too. Visit Ecopolitan's far infrared sauna, get colonics every week and try their oxygen bar!!

Honoring Creativity:
I plan to visit open mikes around the Twin Cities and then actually go express myself at them after that.
Make a few more Youtubes of me singing and also playing the marimba.

So, 100% raw, working out, two races, new equipment and a juice program plus open mike.

Hey, I turn 50 this initiative so it's all a big exciting time in my life. And I'm looking at incorporating very rejuvenative things and also incorporating projects and goals that I've put off and want to be doing during the rest of my life. No putting things off anymore! Among them is to improve my countenance and sense of joy moment to moment. Also to clear more clutter and make space for solitude, writing, healing arts and family quality time. ;)

This will be the Initiative I will get back into sitting meditation as well.
(I better copy this onto my blog so I don't forget! ;))

I will also write the draft of a book I'm toying with either during or just at the end of this initiative. I have several book plans.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Rawprincess Reviews Renaissance Festival 2010 Minnesota

Why does this man have a carrot in his mouth? My grandpa Frank was a carrot farmer but he was also a devout man and probably wouldn't want to be part of a Renaissance Faire blogpost. ;) Then again, he might. Looking down from heaven he could say, "Get that carrot!" You see, the Mighty Hindenburgs juggled a large knife (scroll down to view photo) and chopped the poor carrot in half: Twice!

Posted by Picasa 
What does poor rawprincess do when she's not blogging her green goop recipes? Why, she goes shopping of course! Mr M obliges both her sweet tooth and her spa tooth (is that a category?) this year at the 2010 Minnesota Renaissance Faire. The Estuary Shop has all organic suppliers though she hasn't yet been certified as an organic distributor. Jessica Slavee gave me the inside scoop on her luscious "Carmel Pecan Candied" Organic Soy and Beeswax candle today. (shown) We also walked off with three bars of scintillating soaps in Cucumber Mint, Fresh Squeezed (all the citrus your heart could desire)and a purple Lavender one Mr Markgraf couldn't resist. I'll have to keep you apprised of the Eucalyptus Mud Mask and Hawaiian Rain Body Silk Massage Oil. Being sure, of course, to wear my new tee shirt "good, clean fun: wet, dirty wenches" Tres poetic! I mean only from the RenaiTrek Crowd, heh?

Candied Caramel Pecan Organic Soy and Beeswax Candle by The Estuary Shop (above) and other fantastic olfactory-pleasing indulgences ... I even received a complimentary Patchouli bath salt.
These enthusiastic daredevils who bounced "manly pink bouncy balls" and played Jenga while tossing large knives in the air aimed at the carrot in Mr Hindenburg's mouth, captivated their audience who chanted obediently. And they even experimented never before attempted feats, right there in front of all of us where they might have failed miserably. Ahh, but they did so in style ..

If there's one thing I know. It's to smile while seated next to a captivating Faun with real hoofen toes. This darling faun did not speak but neatly curled her tail. ;)

Please, dear reader, be careful. Do not enter the King's Dungeon if you've been naughty, for unspeakable punishments would await thee.

I thought there would be an ecological activist twist to this Minnesotan green club. Alas, no. Merely anecdotal evidence that Iowans are special.
Here please view the knife in the air (left above) which aptly slices zee carrot in zee mouth.
Random crowd shots. Um, I'll have a corset and a cape, please, with three slices of gargoyle, two kilts, a tiara--and don't forget the superman we saw.
Like I said you really gotta try and be good while visiting the King's Dungeon. Very good.
You will see him one day with his own show, the new Seinfeld or something.
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Okay, so the moment you've all been waiting for. The chocolate scene needed my help desperately. (My phone number is unlisted but if you really try you might be able to enlist me.) Um, the THEME was chocolate, wine and romance. Could someone tell me how one teeny tiny little booth in the back of some fences is a chocolate festival? Ok, there was a free slice of chocolate cake in the Costco booth but that's COSTCO!! I was told the wine and beer was "okay" ... To be thorough, there WAS a booth inside the common area with chocolate dipped strawberries which tasted like they bought a generic chocolate slab from Michael's craft store and melted it late last night. I can just imagine the poor kids in a third world country stepping on it to mash the cacao beans. Anyways, like I said, I will consider taking on the next year's festival. It needs raw organic vibrantly amazing cacao truffles. These truffles folks--actually get you HIGH from the alkaloids and minerals and LOVE with which (and sustainable harvest practices which yes, go into the food as a vibration which you then EAT) they are created. The Renaissance Faire needs raw chocolate with maca and other true libido boosters and endorphin mega-kickstarters.

And, I know what your next question is. You're obviously not from here, Cindy, why are you here? Well, it's love, my friend. Love. *flashes large diamond ring* (And I'm beginning to love the Twin Cities as well!) ;)

This (face, left) is what I see when I've miraculously shapeshifted into a human stress ball. You know the kind you squeeze really hard and twist around in your hands to release stress?
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