Sunday, December 13, 2009

Who I Voted For Best of Vegan 2009 (& How You Can Vote Too!)

Here are the folks I voted for. I could only pick one of course but took note of second choice for this posting.(You can please vote here.)

A huge hat tip to organizer visionary Laura Fox!

All Categories are Raw Vegan and I absolutely loved the criteria to not accept nominations for those who partake of flesh foods. Even though I, myself, have dabbled off the path of completely vegetarian over the past few years, I vow to return to 100% vegan and not waiver off vegetarian even if I slip now and then it won't be more than off occasional dairy.

Best of Raw 2009 to vote click here

1) Raw Vegan Educator: Matt Monarch
I chose him because of his deep studies into pioneers and elderly writers about calcification and his fresh perspective on consistent (over) eating and progressing into undereating has made a big impression on me and has stayed with me in my thoughts over the past year. I'm certainly inspired by and supported by the many educators out there.

2) Chef: I chose Chaya Ryvka Diel because I was so impressed with her work at Raw Union and her profiles since. 2nd: Solla (but I chose her as sexiest raw vegan woman instead -- I almost voted her as chef.)

3) Restaurant: I chose Ecopolitan because I've eaten there and enjoyed it so much. I go to Blossoming Lotus but have had some ups and downs there plus they don't have an extensive and all-raw menu like Ecopolitan, Minneapolis, MN Don't get me wrong. I'm grateful for Blossoming Lotus ...

4) 4) Athlete Tim Van Orden
5) Sexiest Woman: Solla 2nd Lori Painter, 3rd Shazzie but I actually almost voted for Lisa Paris--she has an incredible body and attitude and is from Portland! But Solla charmed me at Raw Union and I think she is so sexy!
6) Sexiest Man: David Wolfe hands down.
7) Musician: Jimmy Free 2nd Jason Mraz
8) Company for kudos: 1) Raw Reform (Angela Stokes has been a source of courage, support and true north for me since way past last year when I was desperately seeking a way to get back to the life-changing raw foods and juice feasting path I had known before ...) 2nd) Bishops Best Ice Cream

9) Favorite Raw Vegan Chocolate Treat
Artisana Cacao Bliss
10) Fave TV show: because of all the awesome things I see and even though at times my life seems alittle dull and shabby after watching one of their promotions. ;) the truth of the matter is that consistently it's "the sound of music" style of Angela and the comedic-rebellious aspect of Matt Monarch that actually keeps me on my true raw path day after day ;) thanks Mr and Mrs Monarch!
(yes, I was at their wedding! It was life-changing!)
11) Fave Blog: Lori Painter manages to stay business-like while opening her life up like a book--even appearing in bikini's at times in such a ladylike manner! She inspires me EVERY time I read her to be authentic. To forge further ahead on my path to optimal wellness AND to keep blogging and sharing my true being with the community. 2nd was Bittof Raw
12) Favorite Raw Vegan Radio Show: Matt & Angela's Radio Show Matt's recent interviews were over the top good. Dr Cousens, Shazzie, Victoria Boutenko etc
13) Fave Book: Survival Into The 21st Century. I had to put this as it was like the very earliest book besides Arnold Ehret's Rational Fasting book (which was not nominated) that totally mesmerized me forever since the mid-70's!!! My next choice would be Spiritual Nutrition by Dr Gabriel Cousens as it outlines deep reasons to be vegan, violent-free diet.
14) Best Film Simply Raw, Reversing Diabetes in 30-days
15) Best magazine: Purely Delicious Rebecca Carlson I could have voted Raw Fu because it was really good but is no longer in existence and I voted for Bunny Berry in funniest raw vegan woman category. Rebecca Carlson is very involved and super nice on Facebook. I liked the look of the mag though I don't beleive I've ever had a hard copy.
16) Best online store:
17) Event: Raw Union
18) funniest Raw Vegan Woman: Bunny Berry
19) Funniest Man: Matt Monarch (fingers in the blender tasting and licking the blender then deleting comments if anyone complains ha ha)
20) Caterer/Festival Booth Vendor: Ocean Hall by FAR! His tacos rocked my life at RAw Union when my 9-year-old daughter who hated the thought of raw foods, LOVED his raw tacos!!! yay!
21) Sweet Treat on Market: Bishops Best Ice Cream I also discoverd them at Raw Union and wow is it ever good! Can you believe it's all raw vegan?
22) Cracker "green smoothie cracker" the nomination did not tell the maker of this cracker who lives here in Portland, OR I beleive.
23) Favorite salty crunchy snack: goraw spicy seed mix
24) vegan green pwdr: Merlins Magic elixir 2nd) vitamineralgreen
25) Vegan online community
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