Friday, December 11, 2009

Massage Gift Certificates Special Offer

*squeeee* I'm so excited about Skylight Massage right now, that I *am* taking appointments NOW and seeing clients in Skylight's charming Kenton studio space.(Watch for a grand opening party early in 2010 though! ;))

In the spirit of healing in an economic recession and because of my eagerness to help others regain massage serenity and pain-reduction in my new studio, I am offering special discounts from the menus. (Scroll down to view menu of services and regular rates then use my discounts by purchasing this week.)

Thanks for your inquiries! For those who want to purchase gift certificates they are printed and mounted with the Skylight Massage logo hand-penned and placed lovingly in a nice envelope and tied with a beautiful bow. Keep in mind that I only have one dozen 6 of these ready so first come first serve. Also note: redemption is based on practitioner availability: Appointments can be made for any time after mid-January as I am working in Minneapolis over the holiday. ;)

The special offer is for those lovelies who purchase a gift certificate for my one-hour signature massage between now and Friday sundown. You may take $10 off the purchase. But there's more! If you use "Paypal" (icon on this webpage in the side bar) you may take an additional $5 off your total purchase! Yes that's right. I love a good sale and seek them out. This is your coupon.

If you buy more than one you may take an additional $5 off each certificate. (I've figured this out and created a drop-down box in the PayPal menu, it might even be crazier than that too ... ;))

(Please note: most one hours are considered Swedish/energy and would be $85 an hour. The deep tissue rate is for body builders or those who request exceptionally deep work and that is an extra $10 for $95 an hour).

To recap:
Buy this week (before Friday the 18th) for a $10 off regular cost of my 1-hr signature massage.
Buy with Pay Pal and take $5 off total purchase (So a 1-hr massage reg. $85 minus $15=$70)

Any questions: cindy at skylightmassage dot com 

Mail to: Cindy Cummins, 2125 N Willis Blvd, Portland, OR 97217



Quite Simply The Massage Of Your Life!

2125 N Willis Blvd, Portland, OR
Tuesday through Friday by appointment only

Please note: rates will increase after the new year

Massage and Energy Work Signature Sessions
1hr swedish $85

1hr deep tissue $95

90min swedish $115

90min deep tissue $125

Craniosacral Biodynamics individual time-needs vary: flat-rate please allow 90 min.$80

Polarity Therapy energywork incorporates to all I do, but this session is specific, includes body reading  and personal feedback based on your body's hidden messages $80

Pre-natal tailored to each woman’s stage, pre-labor foot reflexology when you’re ready! $85

Infant Craniosacral allow two hours minimum--home visit available $85 +$20 travel

Express Spa Treatments
Foot Reflexology 30min hot towel essential oils, complimentary beverage $45

Dry Brush Massage 20min learn to detoxify & tonify your skin, take-home your brush $30

Herbal Back Facial 20min organic mini-back facial $30

30-min tune-up enjoy a neck and shoulder massage with added energy points on feet $45

 Therapeutic Packages
Holiday Neighborhood Rates on prepaid services, based on practitioner availability

Cindy Cummins, LMT Quite Simply the Massage Of Your Life!
Skylight Massage at Rawprincess Studio with founder/advisor Cindy Cummins, LMT OR # 11683

2125 N Willis Blvd

HOURS: Tuesday through Friday by appointment only.

503-208-2717  (upcoming rates and menu)

Hi. I'm, Cindy Cummins, licensed massage therapist extraordinaire in Oregon and Connecticut. Bliss out in reconnection to body/mind/spirit with biodynamic craniosacral and advanced polarity therapy. You'll simply marvel in stress-relief or chronic tension melt-away from surgeries, past injury and accidents. All wound up? Let me at those knots with my signature massage, which deeply appeals to those who need deep tissue work. :)

Enjoy a loftymassage in our creative space @ Kenton Commons Lofts adjacent to the billowing trees of Kenton Park. :) For more about Skylight Massage at Rawprincess Studio's opening of Phase 2 day, Kenton's Third Thursday Art Walk November 19, including tours and a frenzy of amazing chair demos, raw chocolate decadence truffles-- read on.

For menu of services, rates and special offers, please scroll down or click here. Otherwise, read on for more about my coolness!

I studied reflexology as a teenager and read all I could find about natural foods and alternative healing. After spending years in community using raw living foods, detoxifying fasts and being trained in advanced bodywork, energy yoga and awareness counseling, I studied western and medical massage at East-West College of the Healing Arts in Oregon state and became licensed here as a massage therapist.
As my practice grew in Portland, Oregon, I took the Biodynamic Craniosacral two-year training for certification at Colorado School of Energy Studies in Boulder, Colorado. This has benefited clients with PTSD, old injuries, chronic pain and also those who have symptoms which western medicine cannot address.

Having been a gourmet vegetarian instructor and parent-leader, I enjoy supporting clients who wish to transition to healthy foods, exercise and emotional balance. All my work, whether traditional massage or quantum energy work is with respect to each client's inherent healing wisdom.

Cross-cultural alliances and eliminating racism is important to me.

With my license transferred to Connecticut in September 2008, and my New York licensure almost complete, I was welcomed to Danbury's Body Essentials, Holistic Dayspa and Wellness Center.

I worked at Body Essentials until I needed to return to Portland, Oregon, for co-parenting reasons. I now consider Portland my permanent home, at least until my kids are 26 years old. :-)

My daughter helped me name my massage and energy work practice as SkylightMassage! I will celebrate opening the doors of Phase 2 on Third Thursday Kenton Art Walk November 19 with chair massage and special offers, and offer additional walk-in special gift certificate rates and coupons on November 20 and 21, 2009.
Early-birds and RSVPs receive free sample mini-massage. Below please find my menu of services.

I am very happy to be here, in my element, and have followed true north to be here in Portland. Thank you all for your warm-hearted welcomes! Honored to be the Kenton Neighborhood Massage and Craniosacral Therapist. I'm just across from Kenton Park in Kenton Commons Lofts and creative spaces, and just a block over and up from Posies Cafe, Pizza Fino, Cup 'n Saucer and others. Just a stone's throw from the light rail stop on Interstate as well. The lofts intersect at N Willis and N Brandon, a block west of N Interstate. *weeeeee!*

To book an appointment with me at SkylightMassage, call 503-208-2717.

Tuesdays is currently dollar-a-minute special day for those who can show they follow skylightmassage on Twitter. Go to and find skylightmassage then click follow. In settings turn phone notifications on. Or mention this blogpost. (while availability lasts).

Therapeutic Packages
Holiday Neighborhood Rates dollar-a-minute packages on pre-paid services

Cindy Cummins, LMT
Skylight Massage at Rawprincess Studio with founder/advisor Cindy Cummins, LMT OR # 11683
2125 N Willis Blvd, Portland, OR 97217


Ask about upcoming Minneapolis launching.
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