Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hello My Name Is Bunny and I'm a Food Addict.

This is the creator of a free site for those wanting to add more raw salads and smoothies to their day or for anyone wanting a raw foods total experience. Bunny Berry is now in the midst of her second annual Holiday challenge and the new 100-day challenge begins January 1.

I want to share this vlog with my readers because it's so central to the struggles many of us have. We want to change but we don't.

I have another reason for sharing it. I've been following Bunny's vlogs for most of the year and this is the first time I've seen her with this kind of easy smile. I have to say it's the most beautiful and sincerely happy and effortless I've ever seen her look. Something certainly happened in her "surrender" to admit powerless over sugar, her admission of having a problem and in openly being willing to go on a low glycemic program based on Dr Gabriel Cousens "Live Green Cuisine" uncooking book.
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