Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shocking Photos Reveal What Cindy Eats

You worked all day you're hungry no messin' around. You get grub.

Just chop up some veggies onhand and make a dressing.

In this case I happened to have a few dried shitake mushrooms I soaked for a few minutes and tossed in the blender with a handful of baby carrots, nutritional yeast, a small handful of cranberry trailmix, some dulse flakes, olive oil, pinch of herbs and small bit of garlic for a treat. Of course some sea salt. Barely any water so it's thick and hearty almost like a mushroom pate.

After pouring it on my salad I drizzled nama shoyu a bit of apple cider vinegar and more sea salt.

Cindy Grub to the rescue.Too hungry and tired to arrange it beautifully or carefully on the plate but pleased enough with myself to post-it. Go figure . LOL.

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