Friday, November 6, 2009

Medley Salad in Groovy Gravy! ... and Name Dropping ;)

No, I'm not name-dropping. Just feeling a lot of blissful gratitude for the raw foods people who are so abundant in my life right now!

I wish I could take the time to show you all the links I've been devouring the past few days. Real 'n' Raw is a new movie coming out and viewing is free right now. Rainbeau Mars is in it. I just watched a two minute spot of her just reminding us to stretch our necks. It is so precious! Shazzie totally rawks my world and livens up my life. She reminds me to be Visionary in Paradise and live the magic! David Wolfe has been steadily promoting raw foods for decades now. I remember when his first book came out. Jim Carey is one who really keeps the vision of Dr Ann Wigmore alive, sharing her legacy. Newer people like Bunny Berry who helped me get back onto raw last holiday season (kisses thank you!)and all the folks I see now with e-books and websites and raw coaching services. So many wonderful services which come from the heart (Laura Fox has a holiday uncooking class in LA and that last link had some crazy good-sounding free recipes) and a desire to see human health turn around to the vibrancy it can be! I got a "Red-Head Manifesto" in my email from the Raw Divas which was excellent and included free phone seminars on how SIMPLE it is to turn one's health problems around!!

I, too, am ready to offer support through Rawprincess Studio (opening in Kenton, North Portland, OR, November 18) to coach, share green smoothies, cindynetics (my magical core strengtheners with emo-eating recovery process ;)) But I try not to be too ashamed that I haven't had the courage to do this until I've seen hundreds literally of people all over the world sharing their raw chef creations, opening schools and restaurants, making YouTube videos and blogging recipes. It's a paradise of reawakening. And it's seriously a life or death issue because our degenerative diseases are no mystery, it's not rocket science as Rainbeau Mars says in the movie Real n Raw. Basically plaque from cooked "cement" food causes premature aging, disease and unnatural death ...

Anyways, I'm especially excited about reversing diabetes with the Gabriel Cousens Tree of Life 28-day protocol. I'll be using his book in my coaching practice. And the implications for reversing cancer and heart disease. I've had too many dear friends and family taken by these unnecessary conditions. Especially want to share the deliciousness of gourmet living foods and how you don't really give up anything by switching over.

Well, all that came out since I have been thinking about blogging much much more and going a little more indepth in my posts. But here is what I had for dinner. The caveat is today I'm not giving away my Groovy Gravy recipe because I really want you to pick up the Raw Food Rehab's e-book Raw for the Holidays right now! Why? Well for a bunch of reasons. I want you to have a successful raw holiday and a delicious successful raw holiday. I also want to support the Raw Food Rehab sites which Penni Shelton so diligently keeps in first-class order (It's a spa-and-resort raw rehab check it out). It's a free community which is very safe and loving and at all levels of transition. There is soooo much information and support there it's amazing. When you buy our little e-book for $10 you help support the site.

Here's the link to Raw For The Holidays again. 

My medley though began by grating up an orange cauliflour in a regular grater along with grated carrot and grated zucchini. Next to that I nested a handful of (medley again) three-bean sprouts--mung, adzuki and lentil--Next to that I nestled plain grated beet. Over top of all that I poured a very generous helping of Groovy Gravy and garnished with a sprinkle of turmeric. xoxo enjoy

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