Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It's good to be jogging in the morning, lifting weights and swimming laps again after being really sick  detoxing with a bug a few weeks ago. The past few days I've been doing mostly apple juice or post work-out hemp shakes with one meal of the day. Today I had to make sure I knew how to make the cauliflower mock mashed-potatoes before my cauliflower went. I really don't care for garlic in it. Otherwise, it was quite heavenly. Remember to buy the e-book from Raw Food  Rehab and also check out a lot of free stuff over at Raw For the Holidays blog.

I contributed the recipe Groovy Gravy to that e-book and made it tonight. It really does need the lecithin. I was impressed by Matt and Angela Monarch's recommendation to use sunflower lecithin which is raw, instead of soy. Matt says in the vlog that you can feel it emulsifying fats in your mouth and it's super creamy and delicious. It looks wonderful. I want to get some. I'm sure it would be perfect and that's why I put it in the recipe.

There's lots going on with my Rawprincess Studio upcoming launchings. Third Thursday Art Walk in Kenton leads next door to Olivine Gallery and Landscaping and last time folks came by for cacao treat samples and a chair massage demo from moi extraordinaire. This Thursday November 19 stop by 2125 N Willis Blvd and say hello and pick up a (beautifully presented hand-painted logo) gift certificate for that special someone who needs to relax and recharge with a massage or craniosacral treatment. I also offer mini-treatments such as reflexology and coaching packages for yoga and cindynetics to tone that butt into a tight sweet perfect peach.

Coming soon: Skylight Massage will be offering Sudatonics and LaRose Blanche far infrared light wraps for heavy metal detox and cellulite reduction.

I am blessed to have the information about raw living foods which soooo energizes and nourishes me! I want to share this with those who are suffering and don't know why on the Standard American Diet (SAD) It really does get better and quickly! Look for my upcoming launch of monthly coaching programs, deluxe raw foods cleanse catering packages, more!


PS- Wish me luck. I just may win the Chocolate Decadence Contest put on by Zupan's. Entered my Raw Cacao Mudslides: "Fudgey-Brownie Cupcakes" today. Details to follow. I promise!
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