Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Going Raw: 'Mom Can I Have Some?'

Being the example is *almost* the only way to affect change.

Yes, when it comes to parenting we *can* put our foot down at times, but still ...

Our kids will watch what we eat and they will take in what it seems to do for us. Are we happy? Do we work out?

And still, the nice surprise is when they want some. Just a taste, then their own bowl.

My oldest son grew up wanting nothing but bagels for lunch and pizza for dinner. For years.

Yes, I made him some home-cooked meals in between his routine. But there was the bagel, the little bag of Doritos and the juice box in his lunch day after day still and those little Totino pizzas round the clock.

He couldn't miss the enormous bowls of salad mom was having though, and I like to think it made a difference when he went off to college.

I discovered he completely revamped his diet to include protein drinks and salads daily. He avoids Costco-yellowfood-syndrome and is the picture of athletic health as a runner and body builder.

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