Monday, October 19, 2009

Hearty Tangy Spicy Burdock Pate

1 med. burdock root
1 carrot
2 stalks celery
3 dates
1c spicy seed sprouts
1c nutr yeast lg flakes
2-3T nama shoyu
2 capfuls ACV
1-2T hemp oil

Gently wash roots leaving light film. This "dirt" (not grit tho) is a good source of soil based organisms (SBO's) precursor to vitamin B12 production.

With vitamix on Variable (or food processor) drop in chunks of celery (as described in Cafe Gratitudes celery "rice" recipe) one at a time to form chopped rice-ish consistency. Do same w/ burdock and carrot chunks.

If it gets too full, empty and do two batches.

Do same with dates and spicy seeds.

Put all in bowl and stir in nutr yeast, nama shoyu or sea salt, & several capfuls of ACV, oil.

Create loaf-like mounds on bed of fresh clean lettuce. Top w/more seeds.

Paul Pitchford recommends burdock root, eaten in quantity, as virtual cure-all in conditions of excess in "Healing With Whole Foods" such as weight loss.

Additionally, burdock root reduces fat and regulates blood sugar.

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