Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happiness Is A Fountain Gurgling & Pumpkin Lites In Your Window

First time up and about. Took out the trash, started laundry, brought up fountain and pumpkin lites fm downstairs office to cheer me up. Made chamomile tea. Filled a tiny bleach splash on my brown quilted hoodie with brown sharpie dots ... suddenly I'm gazing out at the park path and notice my endorphins have kicked in !

I've been in with a nasty bug for 5 days and still feel cruddy. I was afraid I'm just an old lady and that's why it hung on so long but alas those decades younger are out for a week plus.

Big thanks to Raeyven and Wallee and New Seasons Arbor Lodge who got me some groceries last night.

I had to miss the Kenton Business Association meeting this morning for my Skylight Massage and Rawprincess Studio but am beginning to get that sparkle back in my eyes for Phase 2 launching.

I postponed the flooring and paint thinking I'll move next door but the space I have has more view even if it is a little smaller.

Been enjoying the ecstatic Shazzie's new book Evie's Kitchen.

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