Sunday, September 6, 2009

They Couldn't Keep Me Away ... Ecopolitan Rules and Dakota Needs To

Yes, I'm back at Ecopolitan to try the green juice, rawvioli (omg sooo amazing!) and now the eco-sausage pizza!
Don't worry, I got close-ups of the rawvioli which is made with thinly sliced root veggies stuffed with cashew cheese on a bed of greens with savory fresh tomato sauce.
Not sure if my mouth will ever stop watering.

The pizza is made with macadamia-cashew "cheese", walnut eco-sausage, bell pepper, marinated mushrooms and onion with ginger marinara sauce. It was a little oniony for me and spicy. You can ask for more mild I noticed later on the menu. Hey, it didn't stop me from gorging on this delicious slice though.

The dessert shown below, Orange Carob Balls which looked like maybe had pistachio inside rolled in sesame and garnished with the most delicious apple-date sauce which likely had some orange peel in it. I have to say I'm still at the place where I missed the cacao (Dr T doesn't go there.) and did end up finding some up the road at Wedge Co-op. Thanks to Aaron for looking out for me there. Wedge has a few raw foods items mostly the bulk plain necessities, not a lot of creature comfort packaged raw goodies, that's cool.
I will add more pics at home. Uh, I also liked the bathroom at Ecopolitan which I'm documenting for my upcoming Bathroom Books series. Oh, the Arise Collective is less than a block away. I saw in Tikkun magazine an article on the benefits of vegetarian Mitzvah and in a Minnesota book on the Dakota March of 2005 for local native folks a quote which stood out. The first step (to ending racism) is realizing we are colonized and our minds have been affected. (rawprincess paraphrase) I think it's really really hard for Euro-Minnesotan's to think about the true roots of this land.Understandable, but changing. A local mag, I brought home because of a truly lengthy and detailed article from Twin Cities Metro Sept 2009, "How to save Minnesota's first, poorest and unhealthiest people." With the tag line, "Minnesota's 150th birthday forgot to mention something: the people who were here before us." (John Lurie)

This is exciting. You see three things, "first" they were here first so anyone here now other than Dakota are benefiting from genocide, "poorest" haven't been compensated, land was stolen, "unhealthiest" this is very very important, imo, for us raw foodies to understand and comprehend to the fullest extent possible. The native diet was healthy. It is colonization that introduced forced processed foods until it became "native" to eat fried bread and such which lead to diabetes and like this. So as raw foodies, and mostly a white, Euro-heritage group, we tend to be, I propose we make it key and central to the movement to face our unaware biases and how we unawarely enforce stereotypes and oppression. I'm not arrived by any means and don't pretend to be. Just a person stepping forward albeit somewhat blindly to be part of a solution. The Twin Cities article says "save" Dakotans, I take that as tongue-in-cheek. We won't "save" anyone but possibly our own humanity can be salvaged.

Back to my chatter: (more on the above linking to here later.) There's a whole wonderful uptown environment along Lyndale Avenue by Ecopolitan, btw. I purchased this handmade scarf for $4 there. It's soooo me. I think I could really be happy here--many raw foodie venues, ally to Native venues and my craniosacral is really well-received-- so when the time is right, yes, tying the knot with Sir!

xx rawprincess

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