Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Psychedelic Salad Part 2

... so what I was getting at was -- but before I say that, I chopped finely about a half of red bell pepper too so if you read part 1 you can visualise the great colors and texture. Here's something: used no oil per se yet had plenty of fat with the 3 peruvian olives ... I also made little teensy pieces w/half an avo, put a clump of cashew butter in the center, surrounded it w/ a fortress of nutritional yeast (lg flake), did several capfuls ACV. a splash of nama shoyu, a pinch of himalayan sea salt then sprinkled cayenne & a nice drizzle of agave. Oh my!

Toss and love life.

Serving suggestions: GT's Kombucha and raw sprouted saurkraut crackers Thaichi

Have a wonderful workday! xo


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