Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Psychedelic Salad Part 1

Truly a what-I-have-in-the-fridge chef salad!
I grated some beet on bottom of bowl, had a little carrot too, mandolized a tad of leftover zucchini. I had some nice clover sprouts and my homegrown 3-bean sprouts. In a brown paper bag in fridge I found the chantrelles I'd forgotten about--they smelled rather earthy and at first I thought they were rotten.
Yes! the cherry toms I'd carefully wrapped in paper were still perfect and were actually the starting inspiration for this zany wild tangy (to-be) salad.
I was trying not to stuff them in my mouth too quickly as I was preparing it, and I realized my body really wanted this acidic element of the tomato. It's very anti-cancer. I watched cancer be reversed firsthand on a farm I lived on as a teen and it made a big impression on me.
I chopped the mushrooms into tiny meaty pieces and they were lovely & a bit dehydrated but tangy in an earthy probiotic protein kind of way.
Next I shaved several peru olives off the pit in shards. 2be contd

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