Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Enzymes of Gratitude

I forget sometimes how simple life is/can be! I have a stomach ache from stress: it's my last day at work in Eagan (until December, but still) and my Fiancé--my Hero--is driving me and daughter back so I don't have to drive alone, but he is working 'round the clock to have payroll done so we can leave and I have to figure out what I *really* need to take to PDX sorting in the garage is "scary" for my delicate Libran sensibilities. ;0 (Keep it simple!)

Anyways, just keep having amazing clients really ready to heal. I'm soo blessed that my profession is my passion. Lots to be truly grateful for.

As we move out of summer towards fall I am reminded to make gratitude lists. My stomach feels better already.

Hope your day is fruity, green, or however you best and most want it to be.

I am grateful for Raw Food Rehab where we support each other in our raw foods journey and the multi-level detox and nourishing.

I crosspost to RFR when I post here. Find community for goal reality! ;) xxo

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