Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What About YOU!!?

Your raw foods journey.

It's adding a salad a day? It's maybe just a desire to add one veggie juice several days each week. It could be you've already done that and your body is pulling you, you're attracted more and more to plain leafy greens and succulent tropical fruits. :)

I honestly don't know.

But, wherever you're at, I can sincerely admonish you to EAT YOUR Veggies. (And if you can't chew, the greens can be blended with a little banana or date, delicioso!) But it's so easy to forget your determination in the midst of the fast food jungles and when others around you are chomping on refined and processed foods, isn't it?!

What I'm getting at is there is a really important resource right here on the internet. It's free. That's right NO CHARGE no loopholes, no gimmicks. It's all for you and it's all starting August 10th with Bunny Berry at Rawfu.com.

There are thousands of people enjoying making progress with a 100-day raw foods challenge. And don't let that deter you. You don't have to be a fanatic to join this and benefit tremendously. Everyone is at different stages on this journey. YOU BEGIN WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW.

This will be my third challenge with Bunny Berry and friends. I've defined muscle tone and gotten off dependence on workout energy drinks and HydroxyCut. I've been revamping my metabolism and I no longer have aches or pains as a massage therapist while being in the high performance range way above those decades younger than me for the number of clients I am able to see each day without tiring. (Edit: or so they tell me.)

I swim laps, I lift weights, I do cardio and floor core strengthening. I take long walks and jog. I eat almost exclusively RAW fruits and vegetables with some nuts and seeds usually sprouted. Join me! Please! It's such an exciting journey.

It fills a person's heart with joy to become younger and be able to be of service to family and community with a healthy energetic body/mind/spirit .
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