Friday, August 7, 2009

Sunday Weigh-Ins Reflect What You Do NOW ;)

I find my a.m. weight always reflects the meals and calories burned two days before.

What you eat and the exercise you get today is crucial to the successful weigh-in Sunday a.m. (Penni Shelton's Raw Food Rehab

I'm having a salad for breakfast. (from The majority of my calories in a.m. or early in day. Often skipping dinner or something very metabolism boosting like an apple or a veggie juice. Just herb tea or water is ideal particularly after 6pm.

Feelings of "I-have-to-eat" must be challenged, not enabled.

Grassroots food-addiction groups are helpful so check out several meetings or groups, follow suggestions such as call a food-buddy before revising your menu plan for the day. Make sure to attend at least five to eight times before judging it (your mind will try to dismiss it all beleive me.)

Yesterday I got a wake up call to notice another layer of my own oppressor patterns which then kick in victim whining.

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