Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Waiting For Matt and Angela's Ceremony

IMG_8297, originally uploaded by andypdx.

Me and my daughter Sophia attended the Raw Union Festival and Wedding of Matt Monarch and Angela Stokes the weekend before last. (We are in the upper back-ish portion of the leftish part of this photo. I have my hair pulled back and dark glasses and Sophie is standing in front of me.) hat tip to andypdx's flickr!

It was amaaaaazing! The whole thing!

And I will be talking about it for a long time to come. I am hearing through the grapevines so many people have come away with greater inspiration, health and healing. I have woken up another decibel or so.

I'm a happy glowing pine cone as my fiance says. He says so that anyone who looks at me will think to themselves, "Wow, there's the most vibant glowing pine cone I've ever seen!" ;)

Anyways, lol, one of the things that blew me away being there with Sophie was within the first hour there, she became interested in doing raw foods because the friends she made and was jumping on the trampoline with were raw.

She enjoyed the tacos, the raw durian ice creams (Bishops Raw Vegan I Scream-- look for them in Portland soon I bet!), the goji drinks, the cacao and even my salads! Life is turning around for my kids and that means a lot to me.

Community is so important, isn't it?

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