Tuesday, July 7, 2009

If You're Craving A Substantial Salad

If you don't think salad can be heavy, think again. I put only 1/4 avodaco on this and it is like having a beefy taco salad.

Why, how so?

Well, Lydia made a seasoning out of herbs and sprouted almond, sunny and flax. I also add nutritional yeast. By the time I put in a lot of flax oil and my turmeric (optional, I use it for wonderful liver/gallbladder gurgles, LOL)

Certainly feel free to make such a seasoning yourself. You can add ground up sunflower seeds (or sprout and dehydrate them, then grind them for ease of digestion and increased alkalinity factor).

But, if you really want a good hefty salad? Get some really nice romaine lettuce. It holds up well with lots of dressing and I've always found it great the next day even if tossed it's not soggy.

Use grated carrot and chop up some garlic, add some minced jalapeno. Put in some apple cider vinegar and a drizzle of raw agave (I like the lighter kind now) and some sea salt or nama shoyu if the gluten doesn't bother you.

Toss and even pound it a little with wooden spoon and/or fork, to distribute the wonderful flavors. In this salad, I call my chef special-of-the-day since it was simply what I had on hand,I had tomato chopped small to contribute to the dressing-y thickness and because the tomato was a little translucent from being in the (no! no!) refrigerator overnight. If you chop and grate some things and then slice long some others such as red pepper (Mmm little slivers) you get this nice chunky effect with creamy chunky overtones ... Need I say more?

So, for a satisfying meal in itself, toss this type of salad up with your herbs and some nutritional yeast and Lydia's plus avo and as I said, some flax and olive oils.

You will feel full but I found it all goes down just fine and healthy and clean.

Let me know how this works for you.

Any questions? Ask cindy aka rawprincess ;)

xxx ooo
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