Friday, July 24, 2009

Brief Tips on Gallbladder Relief I've Used

(This is my response to a forum question posted to everyone on She asked if anyone had any experience or wanted support with gallbladder pain or flushing.

Absolutely, I have years of success and struggles with keeping my gallbladder pain-free.

I have tons of stuff to share on the topic so will just keep it to one or two points which might be of help for you.

The use of apple juice is indispensible for me. It softens the gall stones due to malic acid. It actually doesn't matter (in a certain way) which apple juice you use. By that I mean it all has the malic acid whether it's fresh pressed organic or nonorganic bottled.

Just plain get your hands on some, at least that is what I go to first when I'm having an attack. Large amounts of apple juice. I often go ahead and use colon care by yerba prima as well with lots of water to clean the colon and get ready to do a flush within a few days. That way, even if I can't do the flush, I will get some relief.

Also NUMBER ONE besides the flush itself and besides the apple juice, I've found hot castor oil packs awesome! First put some good castor oil all over your abdomen. Place a wool or cotton cloth (they sell them in health stores) on the oiled area. Wrap in saran wrap and place a hot water bottle as hot as possible on the abdomen, right side mostly. You can then wrap yourself in a towel and get in bed lying on your right. I've sometimes had to drive long distances and put the whole thing under a sweat shirt so I could have a pack on the road. It really softens up old stuff in the colon as well as softening and flexing the ducts that stones must pass through.

I passed some rubber tire looking material after a few days of almost constant castor oil packing.

cindy aka rawprincess
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