Friday, June 26, 2009

No Betty Crocker Kitchen for the Newlyweds, says Avocado

Yes, I was working over the weekend last weekend at the Raw Union "festie" (I love Angela Stokes-Monarch way with words!!) and tried to keep my ears perked during the speakers time.

David Wolfe was on the main stage (decorated amazingly with murals and flower altars abound by Nature) He said to bring out all your superfoods and have them all out on the counter! He said Angela and Matt won't be having a Betty Crocker kitchen with all these closed cabinets, etc.

You will be able to SEE what you have and make your superfoods smoothies very easily this way. Your friends will come over and see what you have. Before you know it you'll be known as the raw foods person. Others will want to try these things.

I hadn't thought of it so directly like this.

There was a lot of encouragement to really share with others the raw foods blessings! David was saying to us at the festival that we are all really core to the raw foods movement. I hadn't been to many festivals before, so this made me feel very included and key. People really know eachother and go from festival to festival. My daughter loved it and was very inspired. She wants to go to more festivals. I will need to be a little more pro-active in offering my healing arts if I am going to go to these. Some really good things happened though and the people I worked on were very impressed and assisted by my work. I do a combo of polarity therapy with deep tissue and usually install a craniosacral segment, depending.

But anyways, I felt totally encouraged to step into my shoes and be all that I am who I am and share health with everyone. Last night I spoke up at a women's meeting about what I'm doing and ended up inviting a neighbor (because of speaking up I found out one of the women is a very close neighbor to me) to come over and make juice over here. I also took mentee swimming laps who hasn't been exercising and so it supported us both to do that.

This is really the small steps which create whole lives of greater health, joy and abundance.

So, the image of totally pulling David says just put what you have in your smoothie everyday. When he says it that way, it takes the pressure off to have all the perfect, most expensive superfoods. Just use the ones you have. What a concept. How simple!

So, I happen to have some raw coconut oil and I bought some maca at the festival. I put that with dates, cinnamon, water, some raw sesame seeds and rawish almonds ;) and blended woweeeee I really loved that oh, and half a banana. It was so creamy, satisfying and energizing for me.

The rest of the day I had fresh fruit and lots of veggies.

I'm truly blessed. It's good to be finding my way. Thank you to the pioneers and those that have stuck with the raw foods through the years. It's people like David "Avocado" Wolfe, Matt Monarch, Angela Stokes-Monarch, Brigitte Mars (who I discovered also, like me, began reading Viktoras Kulvinskas books in the 70s! *squee*) :) who really are solid and have a hand to offer the rest of us to know it's possible.

Even in this society so based on fast foods, junk foods, processed foods EVERYWHERE, I can choose quietly humbly and sometimes flamboyantly :) to eat any way I want to! I don't have to follow what everyone else is doing!

Fresh foods from the garden, in season, with a daily smoothie of super foods is sooooo amazing!

Have a wonderful day!
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