Thursday, June 25, 2009

Me at Angela Stokes's (Now, Ms. Angela Stokes-Monarch's) Wedding Festie

I just met Angela Stokes in person and she is a wonderful person. I'm pleased as punch here, just got through telling her how Sound of Music is my fave movie. She sings with raw words to many tunes including Sound of Music.

Here's the thing. This new generation of raw foodies are making it possible for all of us to get with it. I lived in raw foods community back in the 70s and have loads of experience. But, I've not stepped into my leadership shoes. Why? Well, why not. But let me say this. The COMMITMENT I see Matt and Angela and David Wolfe and others who have STAYed Raw all these years has really got my eyes opening.

I'm beginning to see the light.

Now, my niche? It seems it's Rawcism Awareness. How, why do we make this type of lifestyle and high quality nutrition something more than a privileged prize? It's got to be all of our birthright to reap nature's bounty. In fact, white folks, European heritage such as my ancestors actually have spoiled it the most of anyone and now all of a sudden it's (mostly) the priveleged who can "afford" it.

That is what I'm thinking about as I see the Reversing Diabetes in 30 days documentary by Gabriel Cousens. I'm soooo appreciative of the work he is doing in supporting the local native heritage folks to get back to indigenous diet and thereby restore lost health and such. This is key. But true, it's key for us all. We all had an earth-based natural high quality fresh diet at one point in time, hey?

So, here I am, just as I am, full of inconsistencies yet becoming single-pointed, spiritually connected to who I am. I have to be extreeeeemely grateful for Angela Stokes. You've got to really look through her Raw Reform sites and see her Raw Food World TV show puh-lease. It's just, well, I'm totally into it.

She sings!

And she brings me back to my own true north. She makes me wake up and take today to do it. Her story of being in a greenhouse one day and suddenly realizing she wasn't happy being morbidly obese and hey, why not do something about it and then ... her JOURNEY into wellness. And look! See her e-journal. She documents what she intakes each day STILL. It's so important. She is completely accountable. And she really really eats simply.

Well, this won't be the last you hear of me and how I appreciate Ms Angela Stokes-Monarch as well as her husband. I LOVE them. ;)
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